18. Skin ::3::

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There was a little bit of a crowd on each side of the building while there was a couple of police cars and the ambulance out front. We made our way to the front of the crowd just in time to see them taking the Asian man away in cuffs.

"What happened?" Dean asked a woman next to him as they put the man into the police car.

"He tried to kill his wife. Tied her up and beat her." She answered, never taking her eyes off of the man.

"Really?" Sam asked surprised.

The woman sighed shaking her head in disbelief. "I used to see him going to work in the morning. He'd wave, say hello. He seemed like such a nice guy." Her eyes never left to police car as it drove off. Damn shapeshifter.

We split up with Dean and me talking to the police officers while Sam went around the building searching for clues. After getting as much information as we could from the officers we met up around the side of the building with Sam

"Hey." Dean called out to Sam making him turn around from his crouching position beside a garbage can. "Remember when I said this wasn't our kind of problem?"

"Yeah." Sam answered a little confused.

"Definitely our kind of problem." Dean said smiling.

"What'd you find out?" Sam stepped a little closer.

"Well, we just talked to the patrolman who was first on the scene, heard this guy, Alex's story. Apparently the dude was driving home from a business trip when his wife was attacked." Dean informed.

"So, he was two places at once." Sam said to himself.

"Exactly. Then he sees himself in the house, police think he's a nutjob." Dean added shrugging. "Two dark doubles attacking loved ones in exactly the same way."

"Not two, just one mean shapeshifter." I told them.

"Yeah, there doesn’t have to be two of them. They can make their self look like anyone. Every culture in the world has a shapeshifter lore. You know, legends of creatures who can transform themselves into animals or other men." Dean said.

"Right, skinwalkers, werewolves." I said nodding my head a bit.

"Let me ask you this - in all this shapeshifter lore, can any of them fly?" Sam asked looking up.

"Nope, shapshifters' can't fly." I said shaking my head.

"Well, I picked up a trail here. Someone ran out the back of this building and headed off this way and, just like at Zack's house, the trail suddenly ends. I mean, whatever it is just disappeared."

"Well, there's another way to go - down." Dean said and pointed down at the manhole behind Sam. Crap.

I grimaced. "Do we really have to go down there?"

"Why not?" Sam questioned.

"Oh you know, just the seven foot tall lizard that is trying to kill us. No other reason really."

Dean scrunched his eyebrows before saying, "Well then just light up the tunnel."

“Yeah, sure let me do that and possibly alert the shapeshifter that we’re onto him.” I replied sarcastically. Sighing, I waved my hand making the manhole fly. “Ok, you guys remember the blue fire I used when we first met?” They nodded not sure where I was going with this. “I’m going to light my whole body up like that. Just letting you know now so you don’t freak out on me. The fire will keep Demoriel away and it doesn’t emit heat so you won’t have to worry about burning up in the tunnel.” I added when I saw Sam about to speak up.

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