19. Skin ::4::

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I was hiding behind a big garbage can watching the scene unfold; that guy and Lacy being knocked unconscious. 'Good job Lacy.' That girl really knows how to screw herself over. I pulled back a little as the shapeshifter put Lacy and the other guy in the back seat of the car and drove off. He drove for about 10 minutes before he parked in an alleyway. Watching from my spot around a building, he picked up Lacy and her friend dropping them down the sewer. When there was enough distance between the manhole and the shapeshifter, I ran over and dropped down. I followed the shapeshifters' scent and found him tying up Lacy and her friend. 'Wake your ass up Lacy!'

The shapeshifter made quite a bit of a racket as he searched through his things, the sound waking up the guy. The shapeshifter finally found what he was looking for, rope, and walked over to the now awake friend. He just stood in front of him for a moment before back handing him. He started to jabber on about something to do with the guy tied up, Sam, and the guy he shifted into, his brother Dean. Trying to rattle Sam up, the shapeshifter talked about how not only does he look like Dean but his thoughts transferred to him as well. Apparently, Dean had a few choice words for Sam and a lot of major problems with him as well. I waited for him to finish gloating which actually took a while. He was a very proud shapeshifter. I backed into a dark tunnel and hid in the shadows as Shifter Dean finally left his little den.

When he was a good distance away I moved down the tunnels and followed him. That Sam guy was going to be able to get out so he didn't need my help and Lacy should be waking up pretty soon. When I reached the man hole I could tell that the shapeshifter had already left from its weak scent. I tracked down his scent in my mind and saw that it ended up at some woman’s house and teleported outside of it. I crouched under a window and peeked over the window sill. Shifter Dean was sitting on a couch with a blonde woman whose face I couldn’t see. One moment they were talking calmly and the next he moved closer to her to whisper something in her ear. His eyes flickered for a moment making me grit my teeth before he said one more thing. Something the blonde didn't like.

She shot off the couch and pointed down the hall. "YOU ARE DISGUSTING! JUST GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!"

After refusing her she got fed up and walked over to the phone. A sinister smile crossed the shapeshifters face before he slowly got off the couch and walked towards her. He smacked the phone out of her hands and she screamed trying to run but he screamed right back at her and tripped her. Flipping her over, he straddled her waist as she kept screaming and wiggled but that didn't affect him.

"Gimme your hands!" He yelled at her. She just screamed louder. "Shut up!" He yelled again then smacked her, knocking her out. ‘Oh crap.’


Damn that shapshifter. As soon as it left I started toying with the ropes to find a loose part to wiggle out. Not even a moment later I heard something and stopped to listened.

"Damn it." I heard the person move from the back of the room coughing a bit. "That better be you, Sam, and not that freak of nature." I laughed knowing that voice anywhere.

"Yeah, it's me. He went to Rebecca's, lookin' like you." I said as I concentrated on my ropes again. Dean sounded like he was doing the same.

"Well, he's not stupid. He picked the handsome one." I paused for a moment in my struggles to try and give Dean a look.

"Will you two just shut up?"

Looking to my left I saw Lacy tied up in chains. Why didn't I notice her before?

"Lacy?" Dean called back.

"Yea it's me." With just one flex of her arms she was out of her chains. She stood up and shook her head a bit, stumbling over to me and burned my ropes.

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