2. Winchesters'

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Nobody said a word as we walked through the woods. I can’t stand silence. It makes me so paranoid thinking that there’s something behind every single corner. Stupid demons causing my paranoia. Especially that one. Grrr... I sighed a little and shoved my hand into my pocket. The only sounds I could hear were the crunches of the branches and leaves on the floor. That just made me all the more nervous. But I guess I can only blame myself since my hand is lit with blue fire at the moment. Like I said before, being in the dark is dangerous for me. I turned around walking backwards to see that everyone was a few feet behind me.

"So," I said catching their attention. "Sam and Dean, why are you desperate to find your father? Didn't he tell you where he was or something?" Sam looked away from me while Dean glared. "What? I'm just curious. You looked really disappointed when I said you missed him."

"Well that's none of your business." Dean snapped.

I held my hands up in defense. "Ok, I was just trying to make conversation. No need to bite my head off."

"No, you probably do that." I opened my mouth to protest but stopped and shrugged. I was part vampire so, yea, I guess I go biting people's heads off sometimes.

"What the hell are you?" Sam asked with disbelief in his voice. I smiled innocently at him and twirled around before jumping over a log.

"What ever you think I am."

"And what the hell is that supposed to mean?" Dean asked a little annoyed at my answer.

"Exactly as I said, what ever you think I am." I felt a faint heart beat coming from my right and climbed over another log, everyone else following.

"Ok, so if I said you were a murderer, which you most likely are, then that's what you are?"

I slowed down a little and thought it over. Well, I did go around taking out demons. “Yea I guess I am one but not with humans. So that kinda makes you a murderer too.” I looked back and smirked at Dean as he glared at me. “It doesn't matter if you kill for good, if you kill something that’s living and breathing then you're still a murderer. Doesn't matter if it was by mistake either."

Dean scoffed. "Who told you that pile of crap?"

I turned back around and sighed. "It’s common sense, genius."


We made our way down the hill until we reached a door that led to a mine shaft. I made the fire in my hand bigger and brighter, making everyone step back. I opened the door and stepped inside. I walked in further and stopped until everyone was in.

I turned around looking at Hailey and Ben. "Ok, Sam and Dean most likely know how wendigo's are, but you don't so I'm warning you, there are going to be some things that you're not going to like." I said. Hailey and Ben glanced at each other before looking back at me.

"Just lead us to our brother, please. We have to know if he's still alive."

I gave her a reassuring smile. "Oh, you most definitely don't have to worry about that. He's still alive." I turned around and started off down the shaft.

"How do you know he's still alive?" Hailey asked as she and Ben rushed to my sides.

"I can smell his blood and it smells similar to yours. He didn't lose much so he'll be just fine. All I have to do is heal him and then you can take him home."

"So now you're a vampire?" Dean asked. I rolled my eyes but nodded.

"Yes I am. But don't worry," I turned around so I was walking backwards again. "You’re not my type." I smiled in satisfaction when Dean glared at me and turned back around.

We reached the end of the shaft and I pushed open the last door. Inside there were three guys hanging from the ceiling by their wrists. I walked over to the middle one, ignoring the other two bodies.

"Tommy!" Hailey gasped.

"Hold on a second." I said when I saw her and Ben getting ready to rush over. "I'll bring him over to you. You're not gonna want to get too close to these bodies." They nodded, twitching in anticipation of finally getting their brother back.

I threw the blue ball of fire up into the air where it stopped just a few inches from the ceiling and spread out, lighting the room. I put my arms around Tommy's waist and held him tight to me before dematerializing the chains. He fell forward so he was now hanging over my shoulder. I stepped back and walked over to the door and set Tommy down on the ground.
Ben and Hailey crouched down next to me as I put my hand on his forehead. A glow emitted from my hand before making its way down Tommy's body, any injury that was there disappearing.

"Just let him rest. He's going to be really sore when he wakes up." They nodded and I stepped back so they could pick him up. "You two should head back to your car. It's safe now. They only thing you'll be encountering is a squirrel or a bird." They smiled and me in thanks before making their way out of the door.

I walked back over to the two dead bodies and stood in the middle, with my hands in my pockets. Usually, I wouldn’t bring a person back to life. It messes up the balance of things and the reapers get kind of pissed off. It always bites my ass in the end too but I’ll let it slide this time. 'They are going to be in a lot of pain when they wake up.' It was always painful when someone came back to life. They feel the full effect of the cause.

I took my hands out and reached for the guy on my right when a hand latched onto my wrist. I followed the arm and rolled my eyes when I saw Dean. "I thought you left."

Dean scoffed yanking me away from the two bodies. "Yeah, to leave you alone with two dead bodies? I don't think so. Remember, it was you who said that you're a vampire. How do I know you won't just suck these boys dry from whatever's left of them?"

I rolled my eyes and yanked my wrist out of his hand. "I’m bringing them back to life. I wasn’t going to drink their blood. A dead persons blood is like poison to a vampire, remember?" Dean looked at me, his eyes telling me that he didn't believe me. "Look, how about we do this: You and Sam can have your guns on me and if you think I'm doing something else just shoot. Silver hurts me." I added when he looked like he was going to hesitate.

Dean brightened up a bit at that and got his gun out. "I'm cool with that, how 'bout you Sammy?" Dean said in a mockingly happy voice.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the guy on the right. Just like with Tommy I put my hand on his forehead, the glow working its way down slower this time since, unlike Tommy, he was dead. I turned away when it got to his stomach. Many organs were missing so it was making new ones. I could see that Sam and Dean were uncomfortable with it but they couldn't look away.

"Is that really all you have to do to bring them back?" Sam asked tearing his eyes away from the healing stomach.

"This is only healing him. I give them a little bit of my life force since I’m immortal."

Dean snorted. "I've heard plenty of demons say that and they're all back in hell or gone for good."

I removed my hand from the his forehead before wrapping my arms around his waist. I dematerialized the chains letting him fall onto my shoulder. I set him down on the ground, propping him against the wall.

"Yea, well I actually am immortal. You can shoot me, exorcise me, or any other method you've used to send all of those demons back to hell. I won't die. "

I turned my attention back to the guy. I crouched down next to him and put my hands on the sides of his head. Closing my eyes, a dim white light emitted from my hands and entered the guys body. I could feel his heart beating again, his blood flowing through his veins, everything. I opened my eyes and looked down at his chest to see is rise then fall in a steady rhythm. I took my hands away from his face and stood up, turning to Dean and Sam.

"One down and one more to go."

I smiled at Dean and Sam as they lowered their guns and got to work on the other guy.
Once he was all patched up and breathing, I opened up a portal. I picked up both guys, tucking them under my arms and walked through the portal. The portal took me to Dean’s car where I set the boys in his back seat. I turned around and rolled my eyes when I didn’t see Deana and Sam behind me. Walking to the portal I reached through and grabbed Dean and Sam’s arms and pulled them out.

They must have been surprised since they both landed on the floor. I laughed at them as they glared at me from their spot on the floor.

“You could have given us a warning.” Sam said. I just laughed at shook my head.

“Like I knew you were going to fall. Where did you think that portal lead to? A black hole?”

Dean quickly got up and pushed me. “As if we knew where it lead to. We don’t know what you’re up to. For all we knew you could have been sending us to hell or something.”

My eyes widened and I shook my head vigorously. “Oh no no no. Even if I wanted I couldn’t do that. I’m not allowed back in hell.” Dean and Sam stared at me with wide eyes. “Yeah, I know. How the hell did I do that? Well I won’t tell you how but trust me it wasn’t all that hard.”

Sam shook his head in disbelief. “Just what the hell are you?”

“I told you, whatever you think I am. If you don’t believe me just ask your dad.”

Sam paused for a moment. "You really met our dad?"

I nodded. "I wasn't lying when I said I met your dad. As for when…" I gave them a sheepish smile. "I lied about that. I met up with your dad about 5 or 6 months ago. We kind of stayed together for a bit, but just like you, he didn't want me around." I chuckled a bit looking at Dean. "But after a while he got used to me and we became friends. I helped him out with any demon problems that he had and he helped me with mine." I sat down on the seat of my motorcycle. "About two weeks ago was when we spilt up. I had some… problems catching up with me and I didn't want him to get hurt in the cross fire so I left."

"What kind of problems?" Sam asked.

I shook my head. “If I didn’t want him getting hurt because of my problems, why would I tell you? Besides it’s not like we’re going to meet again.” I stood up and waved. “It was nice meeting you but I have to go now. Try not to get yourselves killed. Bye.” I turned on my motorcycle and took off down the dirt road. Once I hit the highway, I added some of my power to the engine, going warp speed towards my motel.

Once I got near the motel I slowed down and pulled into the spot in front of my room and shrunk my motorcycle before putting it into my pocket. Walking into my room, I got ready for bed. I dressed in pj shorts and a black tank top. I walked out of the bathroom putting my hair up into a ponytail when I stopped a few feet in front of my bed. I gazed down at the shadow underneath it; eyes staring back at mine. Glaring down at the pair of eyes, I growled.

"Stupid demons." It growled right back at me.

I made sure that ALL of the lights were still on and teleported myself onto my bed. No way was I getting caught by that thing again. I heard a screech of annoyance come from under the bed but I laughed menacingly at it and went to sleep.


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