Chapter 16

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4 years later...

I wake up as usual in the dark except today I feel different. I have these overwhelming feeling coming over me. It's such a weird feeling that I can't help but hold onto it tightly to my chest. All I feel is despair and lonliness. I can't help but hope that Eric will take me out of this cell and just do anything to me. I just want an excuse to talk, to move, to do anything really.

This feeling is becoming to unbearable. It's gnawing on me... tempting me to do something that I might regret later. These ideas of escaping come at me like a flash. One after one. Thinking of the possibilities of actually escaping seems impossible. But then again I had also thought my mother would be alive forever. I truly had believed that but Eric had ruined that. If a event that was so unlikely and almost impossible happened then why do I keep doubting my capability to escape this hell hole. I should know this by now that anything is possible. I had to learn the hard way.

I no longer feel despair and lonelisness instead I'm filled with hope. I haven't felt that in such a long time. Its comforting. Thinking of my bed at home... my father only continues to renew my hope. But I'll dread seeing Jensen when I get out.

Days later...

I have a plan...sort of. When the guard opens a small slot at the bottom of the door to give me food, I'll pull his hand and break his arm. The guards will be forced to come in and get me. And hopefully I'll be ready to fight them off and grab one of the guards gun that is always hanging from there shoulders. The hardest part is figuring out where I am and finding a way out of this prison. I'm not worried about there magic anymore. It only affects the weak minded and I'm certainly not weak.

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