Chapter 10

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Recap: "That's it you're moving in with me" he said.

I was about to say something but he cut me off, "It isn't up for debate" he said using his alpha tone.

"What's not up to debate" my dad said interrupting us, who had probably just woken up. This is great...


"Why don't you do the honors and explain Jensen" I said crossing my arms somehow while laying on him. He raised his eyebrow at me, "Mr.Black we were just discussing about how Janessa should come live with me".

My dad looked over to me then back to Jensen, "I'm okay with that" he said.

"WHAT!", I whined loudly, "But dad I've known him for like a month, NO less than a month" I said trying to reason with my thick headed dad.

My dad's eyes softened and sighed, "It'll be safer at the castle than here".

I gave in knowing my dad was already stressed I didn't want to add on to it so I said, "Okay fine but on one condition either my dad comes to live with us at the castle or buy him a house closer to the castle that has lots of security" I argued.

"Whatever your father chooses is fine, I'll get it arranged" Jensen assured. My dad cleared his throat, "I think buying a new house closer to the castle is best" he said approvingly that we came to an agreement.

"I need lots of boxes" I grumbled, hinting my dislike of this horrible plan. Both my dad and Jensen rolled their eyes at me.

"You won't need any boxes, just pack some clothes I'll tell someone to pack your things tomorrow and bring it back" he said. I nodded and made my way to my room with him following behind. I grabbed a book bag and started to throw in random clothes in. After an hour I finished and said my goodbye to my dad. We went outside where his black sleek car was. Jensen got in the driver seat and I got in my side and started reclining the right seat all the way back so I could sleep the entire four hours. This could end badly in so many ways.


Jensen's P.O.V

"Learn how to fucking drive old man" I growled, honking at the car in front of me who wouldn't go on the green light. God dammit I should've told my driver to stay. The car in front of me started to go forward finally. But halted to a stop making me step on the brakes harshly. I extended my arm to the side to stop Janessa's head from hitting the glove carpment. Her back hit back against her seat again and stayed asleep. Damn she's a deep sleeper. The car infront continued forward again but I wasn't in the mood so I went around it. I looked over to see her curly hair messily laid across her cheek making her looks so innocent. Her nose was sprinkled with little freckles. Even in her sleep you could tell she was a strong hybrid it made my chest swell in pride. I looked back to the road but occasionally glanced her way whenever she made small noises. Yea I know this may make me a pervert but I'm going to take advantage of this moment to study her features I'd probably get hit in the balls if she caught me. But god I couldn't resist her, something about her made her so appealing to me and my wolf. I didn't know her well but I knew I was whipped, if she told me to tie her shoe in front of everyone in the world, I wouldn't hesitate to get on my knees and tie it for her. I don't love her but I'm sure as hell falling for her and I really hope she feels the same. My wolf was hanging onto her like a lifeline, she was my last hope in repairing my heart.


This is a short chapter. Sorry, but that's how I wanted it to end. But I still hope you liked it anyway. Do you think her moving in is a good idea?

-Peace Out

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