Chapter 3

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Waking up on a couch with a really bad cramp on your neck sucks! The last thing I remember was watching this girl names Katy throwing knives at a target after I passing out on the foldable chairs.

"Finally!" someone said.

I immediately jumped into my fighting stance until I realize it was just Anna.

"Jesus Christ Anna way to greet me." I murmured straightening my back.

"I would of shared beds with you but you sleep like a dead vampire zombie starfish on a good day."she said with a raise in her eyebrow.

I scoff knowing she doesn't know she had said some truth, "You have such a way with word you know, I'm pretty sure I read that in the bible" I said rolling my eyes at her.

"Like you would pick up a bible." she said silently praising herself for that witty remark.

"Whatever, anyway why am I here?" I said launching myself onto the couch again.

"Well you passed out on the chair so I told your parents I could take you back to my house" she explained.

I nodded, "So when will the Alpha King announce the Luna?" I asked slyly.

"I'm not sure I think he has one more town to go to before he choses" she said grimly.

"Oh okay so can I turn on the T.V." I asked her.

"Yea go ahead" she said coming over to sit next me.

I grabbed the control and turned on the T.V. Humans and Wolves have different TVs so the humans don't discover us. The first thing that popped on was the Wolf's News with the headline in bold print saying, "Alpha King will not be going to small town Meissen in Germany". My eyebrows immediately furrowed. I decided to stay on the channel waiting for the newsman to explain further. He explained that the Alpha had canceled out of the blue and there thinking that this random outburst possibly means that the Alpha has already decided on a Queen. I looked over to Anna to see her look right back at me with the same expression as me. But hers lasted only for a second that turned into a huge shit eating smile. I was confused, why was she smiling?

"You dumy this probably means he found his mate last night" she saw I still had a confused expression and said, "in Wernigerode". Realization had hit me so I said,

"Well it definitely wasn't me Mrs.Soon to be Luna" I teased her. Her face had started to turn red.

"I hope" was all she said with something in her voice that I couldn't quite recognize. But I shrugged it off.

"I'm so glad this week of school was canceled and what are we going to do today" I asked.

"Actually can you leave I just need to think about something" she said.

"Yea of course I'll see you tomorrow right?" my voice laced with worry for her because her mood had shifted quickly, had it been something I said?

"Yea,bye" she said gesturing me to the door.

I left but I was confused shitless, things had escalated quickly.

It was around 3 o'clock and I decided to go to a ice rink that I go to when I'm confused, depressed, or just need some space. I made a quick stop at my house to pick up my skates and told my dad. When I arrived I quickly tied my laces, took off my guards and went on the sleek ice. I decided to just practice on my death drop and Axel-Half Loop-Double Salchow jump. After 3 hours of practise I went home and continued my evening watching Gotham on Netflix. I was hoping my day tomorrow would be more eventful than today. I had lots of unanswered questions.


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