Chapter 12

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First off I just want to start off with apologizing for not updating and for being a lazy person. I will try harder to update more often! Also wanted to clear something up I should've said earlier in the story. So basically there is a Alpha King obviously but there are other Alphas with their own packs. Jensen is higher ranking than all the other Alphas. So basically he's an Alpha's Alpha...does that make sense? So there are packs and other Alphas there just beneath Jensen.


1 week later...

Being here at the castle has been an unusual experience. For one this castle can fit about 15 families and is 6 times bigger than my pack house and my pack house wasn't exactly the smallest. And I've gotten some nasty glares and some pitying looks? I feel like there's a secret being hidden from me... no I know there is a secret. And quite frankly I hate it, I mean if I'm going to be their queen I want them to respect me. But there is one positive thing about all of this which for once I'm grateful for this old tradition. Whoever the Alpha King picks to rule beside him has to wait months or a year till they finally do the ceremony to officially bind the women to all werewolfs in Europe. This is also the binding of the Alpha and Luna. This gives me lots of time to get to know Jensen better. But Jensen has distanced himself again making things 10 times harder. I've only talked to him once this whole entire week I've been here and that was to ask him if I could go out for a run but I had to take my guard with me. Yes that's what I said a guard...I've had a guard watch me 24/7. When I had first met my guard I thought he was a total prick but he could almost pass to be my best friends.  His name is Toby he's actually pretty cool. We were currently playing Call of Duty in the game room. But lately I've been feeling guilty because I had totally bailed on Ana. I'll have to make it up to her.


"If you don't revive me right now I swear to god next time we play I'm going to blow your brains out!" I yelled while my character stayed on the ground lifeless.

"Fine fine... but if I die then you have to revive me to." he argued. I just rolled my eyes in response.

2 hours later...

"The Alpha has mind linked me and told me that it is time for your bedtime" Toby said while turning off the X-box.

"Okay fine" I said exasperated. I usually would pick a fight but I was too tired to disagree with Jensen today.

I got up from the floor and made my way to the door and turned around quickly giving myself a whiplash, "We'll continue this tomorrow" I said as creepily as I could. And left the game room making my way to my room that was around the corner. Yea I know it's pretty fucking awesome being so close to the game room. I crawled into my bed and made myself comfortable underneath my blanket. My eye's shut quickly welcoming sleep.

2:00 am...

I was still asleep but another part of me was fully awake and my senses were on high alert. A chill was sent down my spine giving me the feeling I wasn't the only one in the room. I stayed still in my bed with my eyes closed. Something was definitely wrong. I used my extra senses trying to figure out what kind of situation I was in without getting up. All I could collect was that the window was open which I know was closed before but that didn't help much. Maybe it was all in my mind I thought. I mean there was no scent at all. It could've been a guard who was checking on me before. I agreed on that but I was still hesitant. Well my beauty sleep was ruined, I know I won't be able to go to sleep after this. I got up from my bed slowly but I stoped when I heard a voice come from the end of my bed.

"Don't scream, don't do a single thing or I'll tell my friends to kill your father".

I stilled obeying to his order.

"Good girl, your brother will be so glad when he hears how obedient you've been".

Just the mere mention of my brother made me rage inside. My fist had magically made its way to his face. I saw a small glimpse of him before he shot me with something. Everything turned black but not in that way were you black out. No it was worse I couldn't see, everything had turned black. I tried screaming but there was no sound to be heard. I could hear but I couldn't see or speak. My breathing was becoming rushed, for once I didn't know what to do. I was useless. I could kick and thrash all I wanted but in reality he was in control.

I felt something wet run along my jaw. I shivered scared of what else he would do to me and found myself gasping for air as I felt the tightening of his hands wrap around my neck. He lays me face up on my bed forcibly and tries to kiss me. His hold on me only gets tighter as I refuse him. I could feel myself get weaker and weaker, whatever he had injected me with was taking its toll on me. I was raging inside. I had a burning desire in the pit of my stomach to throw him off of me and rip his throat out. But I couldn't I could barely lift my arm. His other arm started to roam my body feeling and touching were it didn't belong. He stopped abruptly letting me go and slung me over his shoulder. I silently thanked for whoever stopped him from continuing. I already felt dirty and violated. His hold around me tightened as he jumped out of my window. My room was on the second floor and now I silently cursed being so close to the game room. He didn't run he just stood there next to the bushes and then we were somewhere else, I could sense it. I was afraid, would Jensen even notice I was kidnapped?


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