Chapter 5

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Demi Lovato singing:Cold Stone^^^ And I put a photo of Janessa in her wolf form above in this story, her wolf is bigger than that just want to give you a visual. And please VOTE and COMMENT how you think Janessa will react when she wakes up in Jensen's arms the next morning?!


I had woken up at 7 o'clock because I could hear the faint soft clawing on the front door. I put on a random shirt and pants quickly and quietly crept to the front door. My claws extended but I kept my fangs at bay and opened the door very quickly to catch the person off guard. Instead I was greeted with a huge black wolf with hazel paws. The powerful scent immediately sent shivers down my back. I knew exactly who it was, it was Jensen, I would bow my head but because I'm a hybrid his power doesn't affect me as much so I'm able to resist his wolf. I was my own wolf I had no mini wolf inside my head I was all by myself. I retracted my claws seeing there was no threat, I felt a wetness on my foot and looked down and saw his wolf nudge his nose against me to tell me he wanted to come in. I moved aside but instead his wolf backed up a little and turned around to bring in a dead rabbit. I was a bit hesitant to let him in now but I did and he walked in with the rabbit in mouth and then dropped it right in front of my foot. I grimaced but picked it up by it's neck and grabbed a plate to set it on. I looked over to him and saw him get comfortable on my couch taking up all the space. I walked over to him scratching him behind his ear, when I went to move my hand I saw some blood but it wasn't his but just to make sure he had no injury I looked him over, he had was some blood and mud stuck in his fur. His wolf was intimidating but I didn't care so I started to play with his ears and paws hearing an occasionally soft growl but I would just laugh it off.

"You're so dirty someone needs a bath" I cooed. His wolf gave a soft purr. Oh god that was so cute.

"Come on I wasn't joking I need to take you a bath because licking yourself won't be able to get rid of all that shit in your wolf's fur" I said walking toward the bathroom.

He shook his head but I wasn't having any of it,"Now"I said raising my voice.

His wolf's eyes got wide and he immediately jumped down off the couch and followed behind me.Good boy I thought to myself. I got the water started in the bath tub and it was filled in about 10 minutes. I helped him get in so he wouldn't splash water everywhere. I couldn't resist rolling my eyes at his glares he would send my way because of my occasional coos. I grabbed my pantene shampoo and squeezed some onto my palm and I massaged it on his black fur. Then I poured some onto his head and told him to squeeze his eyes closed. Everytime I touched his chest or under his stomach his wolf would purr and his eyes would turn black. By the time I finished taking him a shower the tub water was brown and red. I quickly raced to get a towel but he beat me to it and started spraying water everywhere. I put the towel close to his nuzzle telling him to grab it and I gestured him to my room. I sprinted to my dad's room who still happened to be asleep and grabbed Jensen some clothes.

I knocked on the door and closed my eyes so I wouldn't see him naked, he grabbed them and closed the door. I couldn't help my smile when I got a whiff of my pantene on him when he closed my door in a hurry.

In about 4 minutes he had gotten out while I was browsing through channels on my tv. He came and sat next to me and that sly little bitch slid his arm across my shoulder which I just shrugged off.

He started growling,"Fine, act like a child for now but your mine" he said with a hoarse voice.

"I'll be yours when batman starts laying eggs,okay buddy" I said.

"Your wolf seems cooler than you can I speak to him" I asked. His eyes turned black meaning his wolf had taken over. He grabbed my hand and kissed both and then set them down on his lap.

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