Chapter 8

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My phone woke me up vibrating underneath my palm. The caller ID showed it was Ana, I ignored the slight burning in my eye's because of the brightness of the screen and accepted her call.

"Hey Ana" I said trying to hide the relief in my voice.

"Let's meet at the cafe where we always go?" she whispered into the phone that I almost couldn't hear her.

I nodded forgetting she couldn't see me and cleared my throat, "Yea I'll meet you there".

"4:30 don't be late" she said rushed and the line ended. She was scared of something or someone that was something that I was sure of but other than that she left me confused.

I checked the time reading 6:30 a.m. It was clear I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep so I took off the covers leaving me with only my bra and underwear on. I walked over to my closet deciding to wear black leggings with a turquoise knitted sweater. I walked out of my room heading to the living room. When I got there I wanted to scream but my voice was stuck in my throat. In front of me was my brother Eric playing with a knife in his right hand. My muscle had tightened but I forced them to relax and got into a fighting stance.

I cleared my throat trying to regain my voice and asked, "What are you doing here?"

He smiled back, "What no warm greeting" he said.

I repeated myself ,"What are you doing here?" I said this time with more venom.

"I'm just a messenger from some powerful people, well at least for now" he said throwing the knife at my head missing it by an inch, he had clearly missed me on purpose to try and scare me. I stood there with a cold expression and pulled out the knife off the wall and threw it at his thigh. He didn't even grimace, I knew he wouldn't give me the satisfaction of knowing I caused him pain. He just left it there blood staining his jeans.

"Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes...CHAOS"  he said sounding bored, his smile widening that it was almost touching his ears. That was his message, I realized. But it wasn't what he had said that made me pay more attention to him it was the smile he had etched on his face. I looked closer to his face seeing that he had used a knife to make his smile wider just like the joker. How didn't I notice that? His smile could send chills down anyone's spine. It was sick...No he was a sick person. How could I had ever called him my brother. He took out the knife and put it against his forearm cutting his flesh creating strange signs. Runes? And then poof he was gone, just like thin air. I stood there dumfounded in place. I looked at where he used to be standing and saw a small card set on the floor. I went over to it wordlessly and picked it up. It was a joker playing card. Then for no reason I started laughing uncontrollably at how ironic this was. But my laughs turned into cries. I missed my mom but then my thoughts diverted to my dad. I stood straight up running to my dad's room to check on him. I opened the door quietly and he was there sleeping, I could hear the steady beats of his hearts. It calmed me instantly. I backed out of his room closing his door and sagged against a wall. I shut my eye's counting, 1...2...3...4...5...6... and I got up walking over to my room, and nudged my the door open.

I grabbed my phone from my bed and opened up my contacts wanting comfort from Jensen. I waited and he answered on the second ring.

"I'm busy right now, Janessa" he said coldly clearly mad I interrupted something. I didn't care though I needed him...

"This is going to sound really needy but I-I really need your comfort right now" I said whispering into the phone, I was on the verge of breaking down. If I spoke any louder than all you would be able to hear would be my choked sobs. My brother had brought up many emotions that I had bottled up and threw away, clearly not far enough.

"I'm on my way" was all he said and he hung up.


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