Chapter 17

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The next day I wake up still feeling the lingering hope left from yesterday. I think about the plan I had come up with yesterday and realize how weak and how easily my plan can fail. At this point, my fragile bones and weak muscles will slow me down. But I can't change that with the small portion of food I get sometimes, I'll have to rely on my adrenaline to keep me going. So now I wait next to the metal door waiting to see if today I'll get food and if not today then I'll keep waiting.

Couple hours later...

I hear my food being pushed in the small slot of the door. My eyes open wide and my heart starts to beat faster. I quickly scramble to the slot and grab onto the guard's arm and snap it without a thought. I let go immediately.

"Fuck. You fucking bitch" I hear from the other side of the door.

I back away from the door quickly waiting for him to rush in and try to beat me.


The metal door hit's the cement wall hard enough that the door's handle broke off. I'm thinking in my head at that moment like fuck I'm screwed. He's going to beat the shit out of me. But before he can do that as hard as I can I kick his broken arm. I quickly grab the rifle from his shoulder and shoot him in the head.

I don't focus on the noise around me, I just shoot at anyone by me. One by one fall to the ground. After all are dead I finally have time to look at the mess I created. I walk around the bodies looking at each of my tormentors' faces. All my tormentors lay on the ground now dead except Eric.

"DAMMIT" I shout. The one person I wanted dead had disappeared again.

All at once tiredness hit me. I almost fell asleep with the dead men but I forced my muscle to my bones to the exit that was only a few feet away from my cell...

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