Chapter 11

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Sleep walking; Bmth


I could hear car honks in the background but that seemed like it was miles away right now. Currently I was standing in a meadow. There was fog everywhere it was hard to see anything but the sun above me. I knew this was a dream but it was hard to believe when I could swear I could almost feel the prickling grass beneath my bare feet. The fog was starting to part from the middle that I could see a faint body walking down the middle. I squinted my eyes straining them so I could see the figure better. It was a women with long wavy brown hair. She had gotten close enough for me to finally see her and when I did I couldn't stop the flowing tears that ran down my cheeks. The warm tears that ran down my cheek almost made me believe this was real so close but my mom couldn't be standing in front of me right now it was impossible she was dead. She looked happy and of course she was wearing jeans when she wasn't wearing dresses she was wearing jeans. I laughed at that thinking even in my dreams she still wore jeans with a pair of converse looking as classy as ever. Her hand came up to my face  wiping away at my tears.

She smiled and said, "Last time I checked my daughter was tough as nails" she chastised me.

I giggled at her comment, "Sorry ma" wiping away the tears from my cheek.

For a second it almost slipped my mind that this was a dream.

"Now you listen to me now Janessa Black this is not a dream" she said sternly knowing I didn't believe her. I nodded anyway pretending to believe. It's not that i didn't want to but the opposite i wanted this to be real so bad that it made my whole being ache.

"Listen carefully I don't have much time I had to use black magic to be able to tell you this. Your brother is crazy and has lots more power than you think. He somehow was able to become half wolf and half warlock. Those tricks he used when he first visited you is just child play, he's learning to control it. I can't tell you much but don't be surprised if he overthrows the leader of this impending supernatural war that is coming."

I scoffed inside my head when did I get such a overly imaginative mind. My mother looked like she contemplating something. Her hand came up to my cheek, it looked as if she would caress my cheek but instead I felt a sharp pain against my cheek. She slapped me. I was stunned she had never hit me before.

She gave me a soft smile' "Sorry honey but you were being stubborn, this isn't a dream. Did you feel the pain when I slapped you? That's because this is real."

I sucked in a shaky breath. The possibility that this could be real brought fresh tears to my eyes. Everything in my brain screamed that it was impossible but so were every supernatural being. So I let myself believe.

Her face was serious now, "Lots of things are going to happen some good and bad. One thing you must always remember is to trust yourself before anyone else. Be careful on who you decide to trust. War is a tricky thing."

"War?" I questioned fearfully.

Looking apologetic she says, "Sorry honey I can't tell you much but prepare you, you're going to play an important role in this war." she said

"Before I go word of advice trust the king. Falling in love is not a bad things it's the best thing that can happen to you so don't throw your chances away when he's standing right in front of you. Give the king a chance you'll need all the support you can get during the war".

"I'm scared mom" I admit.

"Be strong for me okay honey. My time's run out, I love you".

"I love you".

The fog started to bunch together wrapping around her taking her away.The meadow was clear of fog. My shoulders sagged in relief . When I told her I loved her I felt relief wash over me. I felt at peace. Fog started to return except this time it wrapped around me. I guess  it was time to go back to reality...

I jolted forward awake to be pulled back by the damn seat belt. My breathing was harsh and my heart was beating furiously against my chest. I felt a soft breeze bring goosebumps to my arms.

"What's wrong are you okay Janessa" he said with panic evident in his voice.

"That's like two questions Jensen, one at a time please." I said finally opening my eyes to see Jensen standing outside with my car door open.

"What happened?" he said.

"Nothing you need to worry about now" I said calmy my heart slowly calming down.

"What are you doing anyways?" I asked confused to why he was standing outside of my door.

"It's been like four hours, where here. I didn't want to wake you up so I was going to carry you inside." he said.

"That sounds like a great idea" I said with my biggest smile. For now I would put everything I just learned aside and give Jensen a chance to win my heart. He growled playfully and wrapped his arm around me and carried me inside. The castle was humongous and was beautiful from outside and inside.It was suprisingly very mordern. I honestly was expecting it to look like Bruce Wayne's mansion. But this castle was way bigger,better and more modern. I almost couldn't believe this would be were I would be living. This might not turn out as bad as I think...hopefully.


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