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Campus Royalties by ChosenWizard
Campus Royaltiesby Chosen Wizard
"....saranghae/saranghae...." We said in chorus.
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Chosen to be Queen by batmans_queen
Chosen to be Queenby Eden
Janessa Black loves DC and Marvel comics. She has attitude and can definitely pack a punch. But she has a secret that separates her from the other werewolfs...she's a hy...
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His Choosen by ArtzIncognito
His Choosenby ArtzIncognito
It was supposed to be a normal alien courting process,but the universe had other ideas.
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━It One Shots  by -Vodkaholic
━It One Shots by 𝕬𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖆
One shoots sobre el cast y personajes de it, espero que lo disfrutes. No te olvides de votar y comentar. Gracias por leerme.
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What Are We Anyways? A Jack Dylan Grazer × Reader Fanfic by burger_na_basa
What Are We Anyways? A Jack Jules Salonga
Y/n's POV. 'What are we anyways?' That's the question I've been asking myself since me and my best friend, Jack Dylan Grazer, got reunited after seven years. When we got...
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Tales of Mystery  by sarwatvb
Tales of Mystery by sarwatvb
Children starts disappearing. Their bodies are found in a abandoned building. All of them are children's from a hospital. the story is featured on a girl name junnie k...
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Kian Is The Type Of.. by ItsLawley
Kian Is The Type lil chicken nugget
Kian es el tipo de.. Primer "Kian is the type" en Wattpad. Aqui escribire diferentes tipos de persona que es Kian Lawley, como tipo de amigo, tipo de novio...
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Invisible by -EtherealRose-
Invisibleby Rose
I can see them. Who's them, you ask? Well, if I told you, then I'd have to kill you...
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Spark by Kwiz101
Sparkby #LittleRhianna
The epic series of a life that didn't mean to exist in reality.Get your popcorn ready it's going to be amazing
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The Royal Assassin by shelbylynnn02
The Royal Assassinby shelbylynnn02
Clover Westt seems like your normal shy, reserved girl, apart from constantly moving around. She blends in with the crowd, and no one gives her a second glance with her...
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Midnight Cinderella by never_again824
Midnight Cinderellaby Lonely Potato
Hi! My name is Rebeca. People call me Beck for short. First things first, I met the prince at the ball. But he still is trying to find me, even though he knows I work i...
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Book Two: My Child ~War Of The Immortals series~ by NalaShadowhunter
Book Two: My Child ~War Of The NalaShadowhunter
Blaze is now a vampire mated to a werewolf, weird isn't? well it gets more weird... so come join us on their second adventure on My Child, plus there is a big bad/good n...
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The Choosen and The Drow by AmberVincent
The Choosen and The Drowby Amber Vincent
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With A Hint Of Musk by SubmissivePancakes
With A Hint Of Muskby Ninz
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True Stories-The Fake Model Agent 2 by CandiceKameishaHoade
True Stories-The Fake Model Agent 2by Candice Kameisha Hoade
My next story shows me being exploited again at the hands of another so called model agent
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The Alpha Chose Me. by LoneWolf_06
The Alpha Chose LoneWolf_06
*WARNING* UNDER MAJOR EDITING. Werewolves, what do humans know about us? 1. Inhuman strength.... okay I'll give you that, its true. 2. Enhanced hea...
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1 Girl, 3 Boys by ke1ra_hay3s
1 Girl, 3 Boysby ke1ra_hay3s
In this story y/n has a crush on her three BESTFRIENDS which are Cooper,Landon, and Seth. One night when she has a party all three boys ask her out. You become stressed...
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Atlanta  by thesupernaturalTeen
Atlanta by the supernatural Teenwolf Mer...
What if Katniss never volunteered for Prim,what if instead was Rue's older sister Lissy and she volunteered for Prim. Lissy is the best with a sword and shield. But,when...
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