Chapter 7

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I have been on edge for the last few days always looking around for any sign of anything suspicious. I feel like I'm always being watched especially at night leaving me dead tired in the morning but whenever I check I never find anyone or anything. Maybe it was the reporters that are outside on my lawn 24/7 nowadays but I doubt it. I've been so bored being stuck in this god forsaken house and my dad has been in his room for most of these days occasionally getting out of his room for food. I haven't even been able to leave to school. My assignments are being sent over online. And if I do leave my house I get trampled with questions like; Why haven't you and Jensen been seen together or like how good is he in bed?! Is this even life... Anyway me and James have talked a few times since the announcement but me and Anna haven't talked I feel incredibly guilty just leaving her in that state and then leaving to the ice rink, and Jensen had disappeared right when I got out of the bathroom. So you could say my life is quite dandy right now. While I was wallowing in my own pity I was interrupted by the doorbell. I wonder who could have gotten passed the reporters I thought laughing to myself. I looked in the peep hole and well speaking of the devil it was Jensen. I unlocked the door and slid it open,

"Hey" I said moving aside giving him enough space for him to pass through. All he did was nod my way and walk past me. I was a little taken back...okay did I do something wrong?

"So why are you here?" I asked. Something was definitely wrong his face looked  and not relaxed like other times.

He scoffs and says,"Well since I announced you being my Queen you have to move in with me now, go to your room and start packing up. Now."

"Hold up something is up so tell what's got your panties in a knot?" I demanded. Getting more irritated by the minute.

"I didn't know I picked a fucking whore of a mate. So yes I am irritated, go get your bags" He sneered.

I was shocked but that quickly went away I was furious. He didn't know me, he had no right to come into my house and start making accusations and ordering me to do things I didn't want to do! I got in his face and I brought my knee up to hit him in the balls but he caught hold of my knee quickly. It's your lucky day because I can actually fight, I snickered to myself. I got out of his hold and backed up then swung my fist to his jaw.

"Stay right there, listen here I have no fucking idea what you're talking about, there is only 6 guys I talk to and I haven't been able to see any because of the stupid reporters!" I said getting up in his face again.

His jaw was still red but other than that he looked fine but deadly angry.

"I am your alpha don't you lie to me I saw a video of a man climbing up to your bedroom window every single night!" he said using his alpha tone. When I had comprehend what he said I stood there trying to even out my breaths that were starting to become short. I felt like for a second my throat had closed.

"He is back!" I screamed retreating back running down the hall to my room. All those nights I knew someone was there but how did I not smell him? I guess you could say I was in denial, I didn't want to believe my brother was back. I took a big whiff of my room and there was no scent other than mine. How was that even possible? Witches! It was the only thing I could think about. I was yanked out of my thoughts back to reality by Jensen who had followed right behind me.

"Get your bags now and stop playing around" he stared into my eyes daring me to look away and not do as he said.

I looked right at him and said, "Open your eye you big lug of shit something bigger... no more important than you is happening right now!" I said never blinking or looking away I probably looked crazy but I needed to get my point across because he obviously wasn't getting it.

My eyes twitched irritated by his lack of effort to listen to me for a second, "Smell the goddamn room!" I yelled throwing my hands up in the air exaggeratingly.

His face no longer looked stone hard. I could tell he was finally taking the time to think more properly without his bipolar wolf nagging him. His eye's were finally becoming more natural.

"I can only smell your scent, care to explain, why?" he said staring down at me.

"Okay last week my brother sent flowers telling us he was back and if you know anything about my family history you would understand" I said. I got closer to him, I was right under his eye. He took deep breathes of my scent realizing what I was trying to point out from the beginning, he closed his eye's probably expecting a kiss because apparently it was all forgiven and forgotten. Nope, I slapped him. He backed up shock sketched on his face.

"You know I never agreed to be Luna and putting cameras up without my consent is probably the third worst thing you could have done to me to make me  lose trust in you. I trusted you but you broke that. If you told me you would be putting cameras up I probably would've let you but you didn't! Now get the hell out of my house!" I shouted.

His face looked distant and he turned to leave but faced me again. He cupped my face and looked into my eye's for a short moment then he kissed me roughly, his tongue asking for permission. I hesitated about to give him entrance but I pushed him off of me unwrapping his arms from my waist. "Out" was all I said using the sleeve of my shirt to wipe my mouth.

"I'm sorry but you should've told me about your brother when he had sent you the flowers" he said with a bit of irritation laced with his every word.

"Well you should've told me you were going to stalk me. Sorry but we're not exactly best friends playing ring around the rosie are we!" I snapped back. His eye drilled into mine. I was angry, frustrated, and tired even though I wanted this argument to end I wasn't going to let him blame this all on me.

"We are mates, how many times do I need to tell you." he said exasperated.

"You picked me" I said ramming my finger to his chest.

"It's my turn to choose you, don't expect me to run into your arms just like that, you need to earn my respect, trust, and my love." I said. I was tired, I could feel the droopiness of my eye lids begging me to get some sleep.

"Now like I said before I want you out of my house, I am tired so please leave before I throttle you!" I said pointing the door.

He left but he left the door open. Fucking asshole. He had only 2 tasks to do; step out of my house and close the door on the way out, no need to be a sore loser. I made my way to close the door but instead I was greeted with dozen of reporters each holding a rose in their hand. The one in the front cleared his throat and said, "The king told us to tell you quote; he's willing to fight for your respect, trust, and love".

Someone else had cleared there throat and said,"Also Luna if you can give our apologies to your neighbor we might of borrowed her roses" a reporter said looking away guilt written on his face.

I giggled. "Call me Janessa" I said a little taken back from him calling me Luna. The whole door situation was forgotten. If he was willing to try for something real than I was all for it. There could only be two outcomes, me falling in love or me leaving heartbroken. My emotions were scattered all over the place, I didn't know what to do next or who to root for anymore.


Well things escalated quickly...

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