Chapter 13

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Queens- Bohemian Rhapsody


Jensen P.O.V 4a.m

Both of our tongues fought for dominance but she was to stubborn and wouldn't give up. I teased her grinding myself against her core taking her by surprise. I took the opportunity to deepen the kiss and devour all her pants and moans as she clawed at my back begging for mercy. I jolted awake fully alert with a throbbing erection hidden beneath the sheets, and sweat dripping down my forehead. But my focus was diverted elsewhere. Panting and desperation was all I could hear. Something was definitely wrong. I could hear things being thrown aside as someone ran down the halls. I put my nose up in the air to see if I could recognize their scent and I immediately knew who it was Toby. I got out of the bed and snatched a pair of shorts off from the floor and opened my bedroom door to see what was happening outside. Shards of what used to be a vase were scattered on the floor.

"What is happening Toby!" I yelled running out of patience.

"Alpha she's gone"

"What" I hoarsely said.

"I'm sorry Alpha. Around 2 a.m I had gotten knocked out. I just woke and immediately went to check on her but her room was empty". Toby said quickly.

My nose flared in rage. There could only be two possibilities and that was either she ran away or she was kidnapped.

"Get every man either in her room or outside looking for clues" I ordered.


I just wanted to give a short p.o.v coming from Jensen, the morning after Janessa was kidnapped.

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