Chapter 6

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My body was unusually hot this morning I could feel the rays of the sun hitting against my back. My bladder felt like it was going to burst, I tried lifting myself off my bed but I couldn't something was holding me down. I twisted my head in an awkward position to look back to see what was stopping me. I saw big arms wrapped around me tightly. The memories of last night had come flooding back to me replaying the scene of Jensen shouting and thrashing and me getting on the couch with him but I mean it meant nothing right...

I was getting tired of twisting my neck, and I was on the verge of peeing myself. I started to thrash trying to wiggle myself out of his hold but nothing was working so I put my mouth near his ear and licked his earlobe then screamed into his ear. He jumped up cradling me looking around the room for anything unusual. I cleared my throat,

"I need to pee like bad, I need you to let me go" I said squishing my thighs together. He let me down grunting all sorts of profanities under his breath. I ran to the bathroom right away but before I did I shouted out,

"Nothing's changed" and you know I did my business. When I came out Jensen wasn't there but my dad was. He was looking away from me holding a basket of black lilies, it was my mom's favorite kind of flowers except these were black. Strange? Looks like my dad has an admirer I thought. I went closer to him and looked over his shoulder to see what he was reading. All it said on the little card was,

"Madness, as you know it, is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push." it read.

I was confused, then it hit me this was a quote that came from the joker. I became mortified I finally understood. When I was 10 that was the time when I started to read marvel and DC comics. I had also gotten my brother into it. I loved reading batman comics and watch the older movies, obviously I rooted for Batman the hero. My brother and I always had a good relationship or so I thought as a 10 year old, he was 5 years older than me. He loved the Joker he always rooted for him I never thought much of it but there was always one saying from the joker that had stuck with him, he would alway say to me, "Madness, as you know it, is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little push." My mom and him would always get into fights at the age around 17 and I was 12 at that time. He was doing all sorts of drugs and would disappear for a long time without telling us where he went. One time after disappearing and coming back again my mom and him had gotten in a really heated argument and it only got worse. I was upstairs with my earbuds in watching the show smallville trying to block them out.

Until I heard a earth shattering scream, I threw my laptop aside and ran down the stairs of my house to see what was happening. What I saw was something that haunted me for the last 4 years. My brother was holding a blood red knife relaxed to his side next to my mother who looked like she had a hole in the middle of her chest and a slit across her neck. But what really got me in my nightmares was the smile my brother wore, it was like the Joker's smile almost identical except his was authentic madness it was no acting. I stood there shocked not moving until he turned to me and said,

"Why so serious?". Who knew three words could hold so much bullshit.

I got out of my state of shock and ran up to my room hoping just hoping he wouldn't follow me. He didn't, I immediately called the police not caring to call the werewolf police first and then I called my dad. When I hung up my first thought went back to my brother, what if he was right outside my door. The mere thought sent shiver down my spine. My dad had given me a gun just in case but I never thought I would ever use it against my own brother. I remember walking out of my room checking all 5 rooms but there was no sign of him, I remember how much relief I had felt. But everything that had just happened had finally hit me. I ran to the dining room sitting next to my mother's lifeless body, blood covering what used to be a beautiful white sundress she always wore. I waited there for about 30 minutes till the police and my dad arrived to our house. They searched for my brother for months but they couldn't find any leads on him it was like he disappeared in thin air. During those months and years I had become the best fighter in Wernigerode, the smartest studying almost every night, and I would go on occasional runs in my wolf form but I had become very invested in ice skating. In those 4 years I had finally come to a conclusion that he was gone and that I had to move on because my mom would want me to, she always wanted the best for me. She was sweet and caring just like any mother.

But now he was back I could already feel the slight shift in the future, I could feel the unsurness. Things were going to change. And one thing I was sure of was that I was not going to let any harm come to my dad.


The way Janessa's mom died is finally revealed. Hope you liked it?!?!

-Peace Out

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