[MBW]- Epilogue (Ethan's POV)

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SHE WAS GOING to actually fucking murder me.

The thoughts that were running through my head all ended with the possibility of her actually killing me. While I had been planning this for months and had even entertained the idea of doing it under the Eiffel Tower or jump out of a plane, my idea was more suited to us.

Would it be one hell of a story to tell? Yes

Would she say no? Also, yes. Probably.

Shit. I hadn't thought of the possibility of her saying no yet. I was on such a high from wanting to propose and choosing the ring. Charlotte Forde agreeing to marry me and spend the rest of her life with me sounded like the craziest idea in the world suddenly.

"She's not going to say no." Vanessa drawled from the other side of the extra room we had gotten.

Charlotte obviously had no idea what was going on. Vanessa and Aiden were supposed to be spending a 'relaxing' day as Charlotte and I looked after the kids. That was the only way to get her alone since she would want to go wherever Aiden and Vanessa went. She thoughts the kids were with me but Vanessa and Aiden had them sleeping in their room.

I faced Vanessa with an incredulous expression on my face.

"Yes, she will. We literally had a fight this morning and she told me I was acting a little distant, too. She'll take the wrong idea."

Vanessa rolled her eyes at me and closed the velvet box that held the ring. It was beautiful but would look much better on Charlotte's finger. It definitely put a dent in my bank account and that was saying something.

"What did you even fight over? You guys are like cats and dogs." She said and Aiden laughed as he shook his head.

When I asked him how he proposed to Vanessa, he just said he was himself and said what he felt. So, here I was— being myself. And, it sounded like the worst idea ever.

"I wanted the right side of the bed. It makes me sleep better! She knows that." I said and folded my arms across my chest defensively.

"I don't even want to know. Give me your phone." She said.

"No. I'll text her. You guys can leave now." I said and shooed the two of them out so I could breathe in peace.

All the planning that had happened in my head for this moment was of no help at all. If anything, my mind felt completely blank.

They were only trying to help me, I knew that, but it somehow only fueled my anxiety.

Why am I even anxious?

This was the girl I knew for a fact I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She drove me mad but in the best way. She made me want to run away but then walk right back into her arms. This was Charlotte Forde and Charlotte Reed definitely had a ring to it.

I made my way outside the hotel to the secluded area that I had gotten prepared for the proposal. It was the hardest task yet since Charlotte knew all the ins and outs of the hotel.

Once I got there, everything was perfect. I spotted the videographer and photographer I had hired to document the moment and they were hiding perfectly. The sun was close to setting and I wanted it to be picture perfect so I fished out my phone to text.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to picture her face in my head. It was hilarious how much our relationship had changed over time. Would I have ever thought of asking Charlotte Forde to marry me three years ago? No. And, I would have laughed in the face of whoever had the ridiculous idea.

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