[MBW]- Chapter 20.

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MY HEART FELT like it would leap out of my chest at any given second. I was sat in Vanessa's room with her mom and sisters waiting for her to emerge from the bathroom in her wedding dress

Wedding dress!

It all felt too surreal. It felt like two seconds ago that we were in middle school discussing how we would get married to Justin Timberlake. And now, in the blink of an eye, she was getting married to the actual man of her dreams and I couldn't have been happier.

I kept on turning the bracelet Ethan had given me round and round, as a nervous tic.

When the door of the bathroom clicked, we all stood up bracing ourselves.

A bunch of 'Oh my God's and sobs were uttered when we got the full vision. I definitely had tears in my eyes.

Vanessa looked like an angel. She was wearing her custom-made Vera Wang gown. It was lace, with a sheer back and v-neckline and a chapel length trail. Her dark locks were pulled up into a very complex bun that was being concealed by her huge veil.

"You look so gorgeous, Vanessa. I just— I literally—" I stuttered as she came over to me after hugging a very tearful Patricia.

"Can't even?" She joked and we both laughed.

"You look beautiful too, Char." She said and held me at arm's length and looked me up and down as if she were checking me out.

"Stop crying and ruining our wedding makeup." She exclaimed and reached out to wipe away my tears.

"I love you so much," I said and wrapped her in a hug, making sure none of our gowns were being ruined. I did not want that to happen again.

"I love you too. And, before all the shit happens, I just wanted to say—" She stopped to wipe the corners of her own eyes before continuing, "— thank you. Not just for making my dream wedding happen but for being my best friend and sister. I couldn't ask for a more beautiful, wonderful, smart, hilarious and compassionate friend to live my life with. You have been with me every step of the way and I could never live without you. Aiden might be my better half but you will always be my other half. I love."

By the time she was done it was no surprise that I had tears streaming down my face probably ruining the hours spent on my makeup. I was hoping it was all extremely waterproof.

"I love you, too! I would do anything for you. At any given time." I said and she nodded along.

"I can't believe this is happening. Oh my God, I'm getting married. I won't be single anymore...and I'm only 22. Isn't it too early? Why is this just hitting me now? I couldn't even drink legally until a year ago. I think—" She rambled and I stopped her word vomit with a loud 'shhh'.

She stopped and looked around. I was thankful her mom had gone downstairs to greet some guests before her dad came up to get her.

"Yes, you're only 22 and it is early but does it matter? People who get married at 35 could still be unhappy. I know Aiden will treat you like the queen you are. This is your wedding day and probably one of the best days of your life." I rubbed my hands over her arms.

I had kind of anticipated she would get cold feet and try to run away or do something crazy that only Vanessa would do.

She took a moment to contemplate my words after nodding again.

"You're right. Aiden makes me so happy. I love him." She finishes off with a whisper. Even though it looked like she was talking to me, she was saying these things to reassure herself so I just let her get it all out.

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