[MBW]- Chapter 5.

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"I'M STARVING," Ethan voiced out loud.

"I know. I think people in Shanghai can hear your stomach." I grumbled. His belly had been making indiscernible sounds for quite some time but he refused to acknowledge it.

He fake laughed at my comment before whining again,

"Where is Basen? Isn't he familiar with the term punctuality?"

I gave him a look. 

"He doesn't even know that you invited yourself and I don't know how he'll react so the later he is, the better for me."

After the events of the day, I took a long shower and was two seconds away from collapsing in my bed before Taylor called and said he wanted to catch up and was basically summoning me for dinner, no questions asked.

I thought I had enough social encounters for the day but I was proven wrong. I agreed because it had been forever since we had seen each other given our unmatching schedules. Plus, it was his treat and I didn't want to order room service no matter how good the Michelin certified chef was.

"We're friends now. He'll just have to deal with that." Ethan said, smugly.

I groaned, hitting him with one of the throw pillows.

"Not even one day has passed of being 'friends' with you and you're already making me regret it."

He looked offended for a second.

"Oh, please. I know somewhere deep inside your gorgeous little brain, you're absolutely ecstatic at the thought of being friends with someone this good looking."

I couldn't deny that he was good looking but I've seen and been with gorgeous guys ever since I was old enough to grasp the concept of dating. For some shallow reason, we had always been around good looking people.

A sharp knock on the door snapped me from my thoughts and I got up to open the door before saying, "There's nothing little about my brain, by the way."

Without waiting for his reply, I opened the door to find Taylor standing in front of it with his hands on knees breathing heavily.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, unsure of what I was supposed to do given his position.

He finally stood up and shook his head,

"Yeah, I'm good. I was running late so I had to literally run here. Sorry to keep you waiting."

He leaned in and hugged me and I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders.

I did not remember them being that broad. Wow.

"You look absolutely beautiful, Char. Not that it's a surprise." He said as he scanned my outfit.

It was nothing special. Just one of my usual dinner dresses and heels— probably a little much for a dinner that wasn't in a too fancy restaurant but I didn't pack or own any dress down clothes.

Ethan walked up to the door and I realized that they were both wearing the same shirt. Ethan grimaced a little when it clicked in his head. So much for being so different from one another.

"Yeah, Char. Them legs, though! Who's your trainer? I need to get their info." He says, with a ridiculous grin on his face and I wanted nothing more than to rip it off his face. Friends or not, he still said things that were too inappropriate.

"Shut up, you pig. Thanks, Taylor. Ready to go?" I asked as I grabbed my purse from the counter nearby.

Ethan scoffed. 

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