[MBW]- Chapter 21.

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THE WHOLE FLIGHT back to NYC was spent with me thinking about my dad. Despite being in a first class seat, I couldn't get a wink of sleep.

When I exited the airport, a bunch of reporters crowded surrounded me asking a million questions about my dad. The news had escaped that he had been admitted to a hospital and it was creating a media buzz.

As usual, I dodged their questions by saying 'no comment', thankful for the huge sunglasses protecting my red, cried out eyes.

"Ms Forde." I turned around to the one familiar voice. One of our drivers was waiting for me as he waved me over to the car waiting for me.

He grabbed my suitcases and placed them in the trunk as I sat inside the car, feeling a lot better with the tinted windows. I rested my head against the window as the car started, my head throbbing and my legs shaking at how restless I was feeling.

I quickly sent Vanessa and Ethan a text letting them know I had reached safely. It was night time in NYC meaning that it was close to the evening in California. The reception wouldn't have started yet but it would soon. The urge to cry grew stronger as I realized I would be missing their reception nor would I be able to send Vanessa off to her honeymoon.

Vanessa texted me back right away and asked to be kept updated about everything. I put my phone away once we rounded the corner to reach my penthouse. 

I said a quick hello to the person working the desk and made my way upstairs to shower and get ready to go to the hospital. My first instinct was to go the hospital but one look at myself in the mirror and I saw how much of a mess I looked with all my wedding makeup and the excessive amount of hairspray in my hair.


"Charlotte." I was walking down the halls of the hospital looking for my dad's room when my mother's voice called out.

She looked like she was exiting the room as she gently closed the door behind her. Her hair was in a messy bun and she was carrying a tissue in her hands, looking more exhausted than I had ever seen her.

"How is he doing?" I asked, my heart pacing at what the reply would be.

"Why don't you go and see him? He really wants to see you. I'm going to grab a coffee." She replied.

I nodded and she just walked past me. She didn't even hug me or say anything else. I sighed, not letting myself care about that for now.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the room was the huge window overlooking the city of New York. It looked serene with all the lights flashing with no signs of the usual hustle and bustle. 

"Beautiful, right?" My dad said and I snapped my head towards him. He had a hundred tubes attached to him and was sleeping under the usual hospital blanket but also a Burberry blanked on top of it. That was no doubt my mother's doing.

"Right." I replied and walked over to sit on the chair that was next to his bed.

I reached out for his hand and wrapped it around mine. The coldness took me by surprise and I started rubbing it hoping to give him some of my warmth.

"How are you doing, Daddy?" I said in a quiet voice.

He looked at me, his eyes struggling to keep themselves open but a small smile managed to grace his face.

"Much better now that you're here." He said and squeezed my hand.

I couldn't help myself when a tear fell from my eye. I looked up to keep the rest of them in.

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