[MBW]- Chapter 24.

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"CHAR, SLOW DOWN," Ethan said from behind me. His voice barely registered in my head as I walked faster than most people run.

The hallway of the hospital was dimly lit since it was way too late at night. Or way too early in the morning.

I stopped right in front of my dad's room where a doctor and a bunch of nurses were gathered. They seemed to have recognized me since they stopped talking the second they saw me.

"Hello, Ms Forde. I'm Doctor Burke." The middle-aged man in a white coat stepped away from the crowd and greeted me.

I shook his hand politely, glancing inside the room but couldn't see anything through the tiny glass.

"What happened?" I asked him.

Dr Burke opened his mouth to say something and from the way his face was contorted, I could tell he was about to throw some rehearsed bullshit my way.

"I want the truth." I pressed and felt satisfied when he closed his mouth.

He seemed taken aback due to my sharp tone and so did Ethan, apparently, as he stepped forward and stretched his hand.

"I'm Ethan Reed." He supplied.

"I'm aware. Nice to meet you, Mr Reed." That seemed to have given Ethan a strange ego boost but I looked at him and he retracted his hand.

"Charlotte just wants to know what's actually going on with Mr Forde." While Ethan's tone didn't have an edge, it was still demanding.

Dr Burke gestured towards the door.

"Why don't we go inside and have a chat? Mrs Forde is waiting for us in there."

He opened the door and walked inside. Without the door even having been opened completely, I could see my mother crying as she clutched my father's hand. For a second, my heart dropped but I saw the beeping monitor and found the ability to breathe again.

I felt a gentle tug on my elbow and I turned to see Ethan giving me an embarrassed smile.

"I think I should just wait outside. I don't want to intrude." He said as he took a step back from me.

I missed the warmth his presence provided but I understood and thought it would be better if he weren't in there, anyway.

"You don't want to intrude into something to do with my life? Is the sky still blue?" I joked, sarcastically.

How I was even able to joke was beyond my understanding.

He rolled his eyes.

"I'm trying to be considerate, babydoll. I'm right outside if you need anything." He replied and sat down on one of the seats as I entered the room.

Mom jolted from her position as the door closed behind me. She quickly wiped her tears as if she were embarrassed to be caught even though she had practically cried her eyes out on me last night.

"When did you get here?" She asked and poured herself some water.

"Just now. Dr Burke wants to talk. Well, I want him to talk." I said and saw a slight change in my mother's expression. Also, I didn't miss the way her eyes cut to the doctor's that I would have missed had I blinked.

"What do you want to talk about, Charlotte?" She said, her intimidating tone was back and I knew she was trying to distract me. But, I wouldn't let that happen.

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