[MBW]- Chapter 18.

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THE EVENTS FROM last night were still playing on replay in my head and I couldn't stop thinking about them. The softness of Ethan's lips as he gently held me in my place was something I couldn't escape no matter how hard I tried.

I despised my brain for enjoying kissing him but not letting me act on it further.

"I'm so glad we have a day off." Vanessa's voice broke me out of my Ethan filled trance.

We had both decided to spend the last day of Vanessa's non-married life on the beach, sunbathing. While yesterday was basically a day off for me it wasn't as relaxed as today was. Or, at least was supposed to be since I couldn't stop my brain from working hard.

"I'll drink to that." I turned to face her and held up my piña colada and she tapped her own on mine.

I took a sip and glanced towards Vanessa who was staring straight at me, a look of calculation on her face. She was trying to figure something out.

"What?" I questioned, defensively.

"Char, are you okay?" She sighed and said after a whole minute had passed.

I smiled at her, doing my best to seem genuine.

"Yeah, obviously."

My lying skills were something I was proud of, no matter how pathetic that sounded, but I knew she wasn't convinced this time. Vanessa had known me long enough to decipher between my smiles.

"How are things with your dad? I meant to ask you but this whole wedding..." She trailed off and I reached over to place my hand over hers.

She squeezed back, a smile playing on her lips but eyes full of guilt.

"He's doing as best as he can, I guess. Don't beat yourself up over it. If I wanted to say something, I would have." I reassured her.

"That's the thing. Do you ever have something to say? You keep all of this pent up inside of you and I haven't forced you to spill your guts out to me but every once in a while I need to know that you're okay. You matter most, okay? Always." She said, her eyes tearing up along with mine.

It might have been to do with the wedding and the emotions that come with it but I had become more of a crybaby since I had opened up to Ethan.

"Okay." I smiled and she smiled.

I was always overprotective of her. She knew she always came first for me because she was the one person in my life I needed most (apart from my father). While I was obvious about that, Vanessa had so many other people that she cared about. I didn't crave for her attention because I knew given the situation, she would do anything for me but it was nice to hear it at times.

"Charlotte?" A voice called out and I turned to see a bunch of guys approaching us. I was taken aback by the extremely good looking boys coming towards and I was having trouble figuring out who called me.

Suddenly, Hugo appeared from the herd and waved at me.

I waved back at him as he stopped in front of me.

"Hey. Oh, this is my friend, Vanessa. The one getting married. And, Van, this is Hugo and I guess...his friends." I said and pointed to the woman who was shamelessly gawking at all their abs. I was doing the same but subtly, unlike her.

"I was starting to think you just made up a mate to use it an excuse not to hang out with me." He said, and I could've sworn I saw Vanessa swoon every time he spoke a syllable.

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