[MBW]- Chapter 2.

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WE WERE STOOD in front of our suite. Neither of us made the move to use our key cards and actually enter. It was as if we were waiting for someone to pop out and tell us it was all a joke so that we could somehow avoid breathing the same air as each other for the week.

"Do you want to do the honors, Princess Forde?" He said, boredom seeping from his tone.

Without replying, I swiped the key card and pushed the door open.

As we entered, there was a small kitchen to the right. It was stocked with all sorts of appliances, none of which would be utilized during our stay. After the kitchen came the living room, which was pretty spacious considering it was only a hotel room. There was a large flat screen perched on the wall with two sets of beige leather sofas. A coffee table separated them that held a bowl of potpourri, which was giving out a delightful smell.

There were two sliding doors at the very end of the room. The curtains were drawn and were depriving us of seeing the beautiful view. I took a few steps towards them and opened them up.

"Damn," Ethan let out a low whistle.

The beach could be seen perfectly from the balcony but there was no need for that since we had our own mini pool and hot tub. The balcony was about as big as the indoor suite. However, the one downside was that there was a huge tree to the side, which blocked sunlight onto the balcony.

I left Ethan to admire the beach and walked towards the bedroom. I sighed in relief at the sight of the beds. While the room was near the same size as mine back in NYC, it was less inviting given the drab furniture. Even though I was the one that picked it out, I could see why hotel rooms were always considered to be dull.

"Wait, both beds are in the same room?" Ethan asked as he entered with both our suitcases and other bags.

So, he could be a gentleman.

"Unfortunately," I replied. He dropped the bags without making a fuss, surprisingly. I was convinced that he would throw a tantrum and go shout at Mr. Davey some more.

I placed my two Louis Vuitton suitcases on one of the beds and began unpacking some of my essentials. Ethan followed my lead and began to do the same.

There were two huge closets in the room, which worked out perfectly for us. I took the one closest to my bed and started placing my various clothes and shoes in there.

Once I was done, I opened my purse and rummaged through it to find some painkillers. My headache had not disappeared, if anything it had gotten worse with all the back and forth of unpacking.

The sound of Ethan cleaning his throat stopped me from completely throwing all the contents of my purse on the bed.

"Everything okay?" I inquired. I hoped he wouldn't ask for a part of my closet or something. I was horrible at sharing.

He nodded and wordlessly handed me a small bottle of Advil. Without saying anything else, he just walked out of the room leaving me to stand there like a gaping fish.

To say I was surprised would be an understatement. People who knew me well enough were aware that I was prone to horrible headaches but it wasn't a medical problem. I wasn't expecting him to realize that I was looking for them.

Making a mental note to thank him later, I grabbed a bottle of water and popped two pills.

Once the medicine had been in my system for a while, I drowsily fell on the bed and knocked out.

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