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Winner of First Prize in Best story in Character Potrayal in Abhigya Awards 2018... A Rockstar clashes with a School teacher... A bold, arrogant and stylish person had a...
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Planning Bliss (Bliss Series Book 1) by MichelleJoQuinn
Planning Bliss (Bliss Series MichelleJoQuinn
🌟 Selected by Cadbury Sweet Escapes A Wattpad Featured Story A rom-com that will make you laugh, cry, scream, pull your hair out, and start singing (maybe even dancing...
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High School Romance Revisited by JayeetaChatterjee
High School Romance Revisitedby Jayeeta Chatterjee
If all great love stories ended with tragedy I shouldn't be bothered that mine too didn't met the happily-ever-after. I had already accepted the fact that the man I fell...
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THE BEST MAN by kim_taeyu_
THE BEST MANby Taeyu Kim
Kim Taehyung AU Kim Taehyung, has the ultimate beauty of a Greek God. It's a waste that he doesn't pay attention to the drooling girls around him who crave for just a gl...
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My Bestfriend's Wedding. by insanexsanity
My Bestfriend's insanexsanity
No, this isn't a story about a girl who is madly in love with her bestfriend but he(ha ha) is getting married to someone else while she sits there and sulks about how mu...
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Newt Imagines  by KatieH0003
Newt Imagines by katie
A bunch of happy, sad, scary and cute imagines about our favourite glader; Newt!! Requests: Either DM me or comment :) I hope you enjoy them!! K xx All credits go to th...
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best man//phan by rickyblitzz
best man//phanby ☕️
dan is the best man at phil's wedding ; copyright © 2016
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I Went to Your Wedding by EMMacLeod97
I Went to Your Weddingby EMM
Carmaine Dei Mendez, bride to be, never been in love, will she ever? Enrico Jay Richards, engaged twice, runaway groom, will he ever settle? Will they hit it off? Let's...
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Crocs by OfficKirishima
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that I post a picture of crocs everyday
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forgotten / phan by pinkhowell
forgotten / phanby tj
Dan Howell is in love with his best friend, Phil Lester. Phil is getting married. Dan is in love with Phil. He is too scared to tell him. [HIGHEST RANK; #463 in fanficti...
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SOCIETY WEDDING SECRETS By Jennifer Hayward by HarlequinSYTYCW
SOCIETY WEDDING SECRETS By Harlequin's So You Think You...
My to-do list for planning this society wedding was supposed to be simple: 1. Arrange some tastefully naughty pre-wedding activities for the bridal party. 
2. Get the br...
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Best Man Sougo by CbonusOlocusKE7
Best Man Sougoby Cheska D
Sougo infiltrates the Oedo Pyschiatric Hospital in order to catch his target, Kuraba Touma, who happens to be feigning an incurable mental illness. Instead, he stumbles...
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best man by niceguyhood
best manby niceguyhood
calum broke josephine's heart in high school. what happens when they run into each other almost 4 years later at a wedding that they're the maid of honor and best man? w...
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The Best Man || K.NJ ✔ by Kaynamjoon98
The Best Man || K.NJ ✔by ═ ɴᴀᴍᴜ ═
"You better stay out of my way too. Or else I might just make you fall in love with me" he said and chuckled. I gave him a disgusted look and turned my face aw...
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All Bets Are Off ° SCREENPLAY by thaliagrace-
All Bets Are Off ° SCREENPLAYby jor(dead)
❝May the best man lose.❞ | A SCREENPLAY | Twin brothers Lennon and Asa Collins have had a bet going since they were teenagers. Whoever married first didn't have to do a...
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The Bride. Her Groom. A twisted short love story. Genre: Short Story Languages: Tagalog/English Written by: IAm_CP
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Letting Him Go: GRETHAN (Short Story) by EchoAvenue
Letting Him Go: GRETHAN (Short EchoAvenue
*COMPLETED*(Short Story) Watching the one you love move on in their life, it's painful knowing that they're leaving you behind without even realising it.
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ViceIon His in to His by vicekaion
ViceIon His in to Hisby Teagumps Kai
Dapat good vibes lang bawal nega kapag binasa para ikay sumaya....
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Cheating Bride by kissingthenerd
Cheating Brideby Jamie
When Corey finally gets married, she didn't expect her secret affair to be exposed on the same day.
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MOONLIGHT by itschloeviray
4 Alphas with different intentions; The Domineer, The Devil, The Savior and The Big Shot but what do they all have in common? they all want the Diamond.
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