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˗ˏˋ J A E H E E ˎˊ˗
— trigger warning (again)
   She knew something was wrong the moment she walked into the apartment. She shared it with MC so the atmosphere was always warm, happy, and loving. This time was so different. Jaehee wasn't greeted by the usually jumpy girl. The place felt cold, abandoned, and depressing.
    Something fell and Jaehee looked around the room but only saw her dog she had recently gotten.
    She checked the rooms and anywhere she could find MC. The dog was scratching the door and whimpering.
    "Your food bowl isn't in there, silly."
   The dog only continued to whine so she sighed and went to open the door.
   The site caused Jaehee to want to vomit. The blood dripping from the counter, hitting the floor.
   The one she loved, laying there with blood covered arms and thighs. Deep cuts and light cuts combined all messily scarred into her arms.
Jaehee — 5 Months — POV
I feel as if I could of helped you that day. What if I hadn't stopped to help someone with all the things fallen out of a binder. What if I had walked a little faster out of the building. What if I didn't work so much. What would be different if I had noticed our dog earlier. I miss you a lot. I didn't get to tell you I love you yet. I had been planning to do so that night but it didn't work out. I love you.

Im pretty sad and depressed right now can you tell? I'm sorry!!! I'm so sorry if that hurt you guys!

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