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˗ˏˋ V ˎˊ˗
— v can see in this
"I don't understand why Jumin decided to leave his kids with us for a week! He could easily get some top babysitter!" You slightly yell which causes one of the kids to cry, "Gosh they inherited his complaining, I cry for them."
  V was actually enjoying watching you take care of the kids since he got to see your secret motherly mode,"You are secretly enjoying this. You also came up with the idea of giving Jaehee less work. If you do this she doesn't."
  You thought for a moment, "Okay, I brought this upon myself. Thankfully she has less work."
  "Constantly you are going to just add more work into your personal life with the amount you care about how much the others work."
  Soon you grew tired real quick and cuddled the baby girl who needed the most attention. Leaning against V you whispered, "Being a mom seems impossible...how do they do this daily?"
   "Babe, it's only been 7 hours," He laughed at you.
  "Ahh, as long as your happy though!"

deserVes to be happy. see what I did there though? ahhh I wish I could give V love and just comfort him ;;; agH a sad song just came on FUCK! I hope this was okay??? my imagines are short sorry ;-;

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