Bumping Into Soulmate Cliche || Zen

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Long title so its called : Bumping Into Soulmate Cliche || Zen

Character is the name of my MC : Taeyeon


 "Taeyeon!" the lady yelled, totally saying it wrong.

 She went up to get my drink when I got a text from my friend, "Turn around quick! Hot guy!" As she read the text she had turned around and started walking not expecting someone to be right there. Of course let us bring in the basic thing that happens all the time in every fanfic she read. She bumps into the guy.

 She quickly held her drink close to her but her phone fell.

 "Shit, I just got that."

 The white-haired guy bent down to pick up her phone but to her horror saw the texts.

 "Oh my god," He said laughing, "This person is not wrong I am pretty hot."

 Taeyeon just stared at him. He was attractive she has to admit.

 "Don't be embarrassed that I read that by the way, I'm..Zen," He said having to think over his name.

 "I'm Taeyeon."

 They shook hands and Taeyeon felt...safe.

 "Uh, I have to go right now to my friend!" She rushed over her sentence and walked away with a red face.


 "Please! Stop reminding me how awkward I was when we met!" Taeyeon yelled at Zen hiding her face in her hands.

 "It was adorable, how can I not remind you?"

 "Bye! I don't need this! I'll be watching my anime," She said walking away with her hands up in defense.


Totally got this idea from Pinterest lmao bye im unoriginal. 

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