Mystic Messenger Lemons & One-shots by Katjaface
Mystic Messenger Lemons & One-shotsby Katjaface
This is just a book of whatever ideas come to mind in terms of situations involving the characters of Mystic Messenger. Please feel free to comment requests! ~Disclaimer...
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Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Scenarios by TofuPeachyy
Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Scenari...by XxSimonxX
(RECOMMENDATIONS ARE OPEN) These Scenarios Are NOT In A Specific Order. (THIS STORY IS ACTIVE) INCLUDING: 707, Saeran/Unkown, Jumin, Yoosung, Zen, V. ___________________...
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The Blacksmith [Zen Wisteria X Reader] by SurveyCorpsMember
The Blacksmith [Zen Wisteria X Rea...by SurveyCorpsMember
You're Shiryuki's friend, a blacksmith who worked at Tanburn. When Shiryuki goes missing you test your loyalty and go after her... while getting in trouble along the way...
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Lose A Little To Save A Lot ↭ Bellamy Blake by brandeeddcom
Lose A Little To Save A Lot ↭ Bell...by find your zen
Bellamy/OC (Based on the TV series 'The 100') "Lose a little to save a lot," he said, "don't worry about one dead person, worry about the other people you...
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•Mystic Messenger Smut (18+)• by Sasakure
•Mystic Messenger Smut (18+)•by Mistou
I'll be taking requests from anyone! Warnings: Smut and very inappropriate use of speech! Follow my tumblr: Kruits I'll post as much as I can!
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Red And Blue Are Opposites (Obi X Y/N) by xXLandanaXx
Red And Blue Are Opposites (Obi X...by xXLandanaXx
There is a blue-haired girl roaming the woods. She likes to sit in the trees and walk around, doing nothing but play her little flute. No one really knows about her. Exc...
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Mystic Life (MysMe X Reader) by Celestial-Red
Mystic Life (MysMe X Reader)by ♫ Celestial-Red ♫
4 Days for you to fall in love with me... 7 Days until it starts all over... That was supposed to be it right? MC. Aka. YOU. Living a relatively normal life while playin...
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Snow White with the Silver Hair: Shirayuki's Twin by Anime-is-Life02
Snow White with the Silver Hair: S...by Cheyenne
When Shirayuki finds out she has a secret twin sister she is scared that Zen will love her more. Shirayuki searches for the answer as to why her twin was hidden from her...
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|Mystic Messenger X Reader| by TheFangirlsFromHell
|Mystic Messenger X Reader|by bored
|Mystic Messenger X reader oneshots| Yo yo mystic messenger fans (that sounds cringey lol) welcome to the mayhem we call our oneshot book. Feel free to dm requests or...
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Spirited Away 2: Return to the Spirit World by Rafxviii
Spirited Away 2: Return to the Spi...by Raf
It's been 12 years since she left the world where her heart truly belongs. As she goes back after many attempts, what will it take for Chihiro to finally stay?
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Mystic Heart by Celestial-Red
Mystic Heartby ♫ Celestial-Red ♫
*Sequel to Mystic Life* 1 year... One whole year has passed since that day you found out the truth about the RFA members. That you were just a tool to them. That's why y...
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My Reasons (Mystic Messenger x Male! Reader Oneshots) by Fujoshi_haru_chan
My Reasons (Mystic Messenger x Mal...by Fujoshi_haru_chan
one shots of mystic messenger cause why fuckin not Love these hoes so much lololol rip my life I cant write smut even if my life depended on it rip but angst and f...
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Mystic Messenger x Reader Boyfriend scenarios (Warning: Slow updates) by Chibi_Chann
Mystic Messenger x Reader Boyfrien...by Mc ✌🏻('w')✌🏼
Characters only (sorry Baehee ;-;) -Luciel (707) -Jumin -Yoosung -Zen -Saeren
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Mint Green With Envy (Ray!Saeran x Reader) by XxBlack_ThornxX
Mint Green With Envy (Ray!Saeran x...by XxBlack_ThornxX
(Angst warning) I had nothing, until I met him. I didn't have a job, I didn't have money, I had nothing. I lost all of my memories, but I made new ones when I met him. H...
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Mystic Messenger x Reader Oneshots by Lord-ofthe-Fandoms
Mystic Messenger x Reader Oneshotsby Lord-ofthe-Fandoms
Highest Rank: #3 in RFA tag MM oneshots with RFA members and Unknown! Cute, funny, sad - everything is in here. Ready to read? We welcome you to the RFA --I don't own...
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Mystic Messenger Lemons by MomoLemonz
Mystic Messenger Lemonsby MomoLemonz
I will be putting in a new lemon for MM once I have finished writing it, otherwise this is gonna be a compilation. Stay followed to the channel to be notified when I hav...
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Mystic Messenger One Shots by QueenxOfxCrazy
Mystic Messenger One Shotsby crazy girl behind you
***ACCOUNT PREVIOUSLY FROGGY2003*** WELCOME TO MY FABULOUS CORNER OF WATTPAD, and another one shots book! This time for the game of heartbreak! That right guys, *reads s...
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Pursued in Purple {A Snow White with Red Hair Fan-fiction} {Obi x OC} by DarkRaven_08
Pursued in Purple {A Snow White wi...by Lizzie
One day, guards found a girl with purple hair in the river. They took her in the castle and they find out she had no memory. No memory of the girls name, family, or wher...
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Hackers New Love by simplius
Hackers New Loveby simplius
-BOOK 4 OF OUR HACKER'S LOVE SERIES- [y/n] and Luciel are now married! They take on many more dramatic adventures and new challenges come up! Maybe children might be i...
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Mystic Messengers ≫ *One Shots*/Scenarios/~Texts~ by Fandom_World069
Mystic Messengers ≫ *One Shots*/Sc...by Mucine
"Paint me like one of your French girls." "But I don't paint..." "Shush! Just do it!" "I also don't know any French girls..." &qu...
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