Messed Up ||Yoosung

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*spoilers of bad ending*

"Why are you rushing home?!" Your friend yelled at you as you were running.

"I need Wi-Fi!"

You got to your room and threw your backpack across the room and went to grab your phone. You had left it home in case Zen tried to call you during last time.

"Hey~" Yoosung sent you a message in chat room.

"Hii!" You responded.

"I kinda gotta tell you something, don't hate me for it."

You smiled to yourself, how could you hate him. You liked, maybe even loved, him.

"of course you can tell me anything" you typed quickly.

"I realized. I got you confused with Rika. I kind of made her personality in you. I don't like you the way I thought I did."

Instantly your whole face paled and the smile on your face quickly went away.

"Why? How could you play with me like that. That's so messed up and rude and- you aren't worth my time right now." You typed back in anger.

"I'm sorry. I have to go."

He left the chat room. Leaving you looking and re-reading his message.

I don't like you.

I don't like you.


Agh first imagine the wording isn't on point on what Yoosung says but I got this ending and on Skype with my friend threw my phone at the wall and it somehow didn't break but caused a dent and I was so angry then got sad and deleted MM but got it back like two hours later. Sorry if this was kinda crappy but hopefully it was good! -e

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