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˗ˏˋ Z E N ˎˊ˗
— trigger warning
"MC?" The white haired male says to nothing as he walks in the house.
He looks around for the notes she always leaves him when she isn't home. This time she left one in a more hidden place, between her favorite book and Zen's favorite.
I can't do this. I'm not breaking up with you, no. I'm leaving though. Not leaving you but leaving everything. All the past depression and things has completely caught up to me...and i can't handle it. Everything hurts and i can't drag you down with me.
It took Zen a minute or so to realize what was happening.
What the hell could she do to hurt herself when she isn't home. The cliff would be too cliche and she hates things like that. Though to make it so that she's not found she would pick something that isn't like her.

"God dammit," a feminine voice whispered.
"What the hell are you doing? Don't you dar-"
The girl turned around to look at him, her (e/c) eyes staring at him with tears,"I can't hurt you! Don't stop me!"
"Did you think that you leaving like this would hurt me more! I can handle you right now. We can get you help or something but no way am I going to lose you!"
"I am disgusting, Hyun! I hate myself for the things that happened!"
Zen thought back to what could of hurt her. Was it him? He knew it wasn't him though,"That wasn't your fault, MC. None of that was!"
"All I hear from people is 'that was her' and 'she was probably wearing something suggestive' I hate it! I hate this situation!"
"I wouldn't only be losing you though! I would be losing our little girl! I can't lose her either!"
MC ran towards Zen and hugged him,"But I want to die. This child isn't even yours and I hate that."
"This child is mine! Maybe not by blood but by love! I don't care who's it actually is because even you don't know who that was that touched you in that way! That is our little girl."

If you don't get it the character which instead of Y/N is MC got raped. Hahahha....i should add a trigger warning cause that hit me a little too close also. I may of or may of not cried during this (I'm sobbing) but that's okay! Yeah yeah I'm back into this thing of wattpad and stuff~ can't guarantee posts weekly or anything.

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