Worry || Jaehee

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"What if I didn't make the right decision in quitting? Like what if all the members end up hating me?"

You giggled, "Why would they hate you for trying to find a way to be happy? Don't worry babe."

"Also, what if they don't accept me for being lesbian? I mean they are all straight, maybe not Jumin, so it could be like a new concept to them!" She looked at you with worry.

"At least you aren't doing what I did and tell my friends and parents over text. Kind of a crappy way I did that by just saying that I am gay and then not talking to anyone."

She tilted her head to the side in agreement thinking over the situation.

"Jumin must be gay though I could be rich if I bet money on it."

Jaehee looked at you like you were insane but she also laughed a little.

She kissed you before getting up.
"We should do something really random!" She yelled out of no where.

"Like what?"

"I don't know..." She grabbed your hand before dragging you out the door, "Let's go look for something to do!"

Your friendly local neighborhood circle is here (cause I'm not straight) hope this was a good chapter I don't write a lot these are all just short stories. With cliche titles that sound bad.

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