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For HarrehStylesxxx

"Wanna race home?" The hyper boy asks you.

"Too lazy."

"We can get to the computer faster if we run," He says trying to convince you.

"Bye!" You say and run off.

"What! Y/N that's not fair!" He yells chasing after you.

When he arrives at the house he tries to open the door to find that it is locked. You took his key.

"Open the door!"

You open the window to talk to him.

"I have full control of your computer now! What ever could I possibly do."

"Don't touch my computer! Babe this is torture please no."

"I won't but will you play Sims 4 with me at least? I can't make male sims and I want you to help me," You complained, "I need to have at least one sim that isn't lesbian and for that to happen you need to help me!"

"I don't know if I wanna help..."

"I will ruin your computer."

"No you won't. You love me way to much to do that."

"You are right but good luck getting inside," You say while closing the window.

"Fine! I'm going I'll help you."

"I have won this round!"


I have no yoosung inspiration since I'm mad at him but I would 10/10 do this cause I'm annoying.

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