Of Course || Seven

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 The clicking of his keyboard was getting annoying. I've been listening to this sound for more than five hours. He hasn't even looked at me. I guess this is normal when your boyfriends' living is hacking.

 "Babe? Are you okay?" He said after all the silence.

 "What makes you think I am awake?"

 "You responded. Are you okay?"


He got up and laid down on the bed, cuddling me.

 "I'm sorry I'm so busy. I love you though, never forget that."

 "I love you too."

 Of course when I woke up, I woke up to the sound of the keyboard clicking.


 I wrote this in school during class cause I was bored. I just wrote a ton of fanfic in my little notebook some being for Mystic Messenger most being requests from my friends for Attack On Titan.

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