Splits || Zen

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(Requested by: missravemaster16
"Zen! What are you doing here?" you asked your boyfriend.

"I was falling asleep at my house so instead of falling asleep and forgetting to pick you up I decided to just come here and watch," He shrugged.

"Look at y/n she obviously goes for the older guys. She's still in highschool and with him?" You and Zen heard people say.

"Tch, I hated girls like them at school. Can't talk about anything better."

"They are like that cause their your fans."

"Hey! Y/N do the splits!" One of the girls yelled.

They knew you struggled at it but that wasn't going to stop you.  You loved proving people wrong.


"Cause I want to see you fuck up in front of your boyfriend!" They laughed.

"Babe, your fine."


You slowly went down into the splits no matter how much it hurts.

"This is where she messes up."

Of course you weren't going to.  You had to prove them wrong.

"What? She's not messing up!"

In fact you were shocking yourself. You actually were doing it correctly.

(A/N: as a former cheerleader you don't realize how much of an accomplishment this is)

"That's my babygirl!" Zen yelled.

You instantly got out of the splits and just curled up into a ball on the ground.

"Zen!" You were hiding your face.

"Aww, you're too cute. You just had to prove them wrong didn't you?" He laughed.

His laugh was beautiful.

"Yes! I am in major pain though."


Finished. It was shit though like my life :)

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