Beautiful || V

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i wrote this in my fan fic notebook during class (soph you have read this)


 "Aren't you excited for him? He will be able to see again! He will see you for the first time...ever," Yoosung said.

 "Yoosung! Pressure! Her boyfriend will see her for the first time ever. Look at her she is worried," Jaehee scolded him.

 "So many what-if questions."

 "Like?" Questioned Zen.

 "Like, what if he sees me and realizes he doesn't, you know, love me," I said.

 "Oh my! Have you seen yourself? You are beautiful & have an amazing personality he already loves."

 "You can see him now," a nurse told us.

 I got up really fast and ran to the room. There he was and he looked at me slightly confused.

 "I'm guessing it went well, right?" I said.

 He just simply looked up at me and smiled.

 "You are"


I caused my friend who doesn't even like MM to smile when she read this.

 I only posted this for zenalicious im sorry its bad my friend ;-; rip

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