Chapter 12

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"Okay. I need to ask you guys something." Hanna said, turning to us after looking in a mirror, "And I need you to be totally honest with me."

 "Of course."

 "Is this side of my face fatter than this side?" Hanna asked, showing us both sides of her face, 

"No." We all answered at once.


"Is that lan?" I asked, seeing him greet another person,

 "Yeah. I hear he's the new field hockey coach." Spencer answered,

 "Does Melissa know he's back? Don't know why she broke up with him." Aria said,

"She didn't. He broke up with her." Spencer corrected,

We all turned our attention to Mona as she walked up to us, 

"Hey. The first one's for my bestie. And one for each of you, my bestie's other friends." Mona said, handing out invitations,

"Oh, what's this?" Aria asked,

"Oh, nothing. Only an invitation to the most awesome birthday party ever, Camp Mona." Mona smiled,

"Camp Mona?" I questioned,

"Don't let the camping part scare you. It's "glamping," not camping. M is for Mona and massages, not mosquitoes." She smirked

"Why is Mona inviting us to her birthday party?" Spencer asked Hanna,

"She knows that we're friends again and she's just trying to reach out to you. She's trying to be nice." Hanna answered, "So are you gonna go?"

"I know she's your friend, but..." Spencer began,

"Yeah, but I'm gonna have to pass. I got this... A lot of stuff to do this weekend." Aria said,

"Me too." Emily replied,

"I'll go with you." I smiled, putting my arm around Hanna's shoulders,

"Thank you."

All of our phones rang and I took mine out, 

"Camp Mona's a scavenger hunt and I'm the prize. Come and find me, bitches." 

"A." We all finished.


After dealing with the FBI at lunch, I skipped the rest of school. I danced at the studio before heading to Spencer's the next morning with camping gear.

We were talking about Ian and Melissa before something popped up on the news. Or someone.

"Spence, turn the tv up." I demanded, walking into the living room,

"Authorities searched the family home earlier today... reports have confirmed that a blood stain on the sweater is a match to the victim's. If you just tuned in, police issued a warrant for the arrest of missing Rosewood teen Toby Cavanaugh. He is wanted for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis." The reporter stated,

I sat down on the couch, trying to process what was said,

"That sweater was Toby's." Hanna said,

"No, Alison was not dating Toby." I replied, "No way that's the guy she's talking to in the video."

"But you saw the news. They have proof." Aria responded,

"If it's Toby's sweater, then he has to be the boy at the kissing rock."

"Is it finally over?" Emily asked,

 "No. Toby's been missing for weeks. It won't be over until he's behind bars." Spencer answered, 

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