Chapter 21

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"Start with the line about the stolen medal." Spencer sighed as we all sat on the ground, helping Spencer and Hanna with their audition for the school play.

"Why isn't she wearing any shoes?" Hanna asked, disgusted as she watched the girl walk across the room,

"So she can look short enough to play an eight-year-old." Spencer answered before looking over at Emily, "What's my line?"

"I don't see anything about a medal." Emily replied,

"No, that's what the eight-year-old killed her classmate for. Penmanship medal. That's why they call her the bad seed." Spencer explained as she reached over to look at the script,

"A penmanship medal, really?' Hanna questioned with raised brows,

"Didn't you read the whole play?" Spencer asked her before looking over at Aria and I,

"Don't look at us. Hanna's the one trying out. I'm just here to make her look taller." Aria replied,

"Why do I have to read the whole play? I don't wanna be the bad seed's mother. I want the other mother, the one who's drunk all the time." Hanna explained,

"No comment." Spencer smirked,

"Are you still ragging on me for bringing a flask to a dance? I don't need another parent, Spence. One's plenty." Hanna responded,

"Well, has the one figured out that Caleb's in your basement?" I asked, scrolling through my phone,

"No, but 'A'. has" Hanna said and we all looked at her,

"What are you gonna do?" Emily asked,

"I'm gonna tell my mom before 'A' gets to her. I'm just gonna ask her if Caleb can stay in the guestroom." She answered and I mentally groaned as I saw Mona walking over,

"Hey, there, Hanna and her clanna!" She exclaimed and I rolled my eyes,

"Hey, Mona. How'd it go in there?" Hanna asked,

"Honestly, I nailed it. It was epic. I think Mr. Fitz cried." Mona answered,

"Good for you, Mona. I guess the rest of us should go home." Spencer stated,

"No! There are no small parts, Only parts that don't make it into the yearbook." Mona smirked, "Good luck."

She left and I looked over at Aria, noticing that she was staring at Mr. Fitz. I nudged Spencer and we all looked at her,

"Why don't you audition? You kind of have an in with the director." I smiled,

"Stop." Aria hissed,

"Is he wearing the tie you gave him?" Hanna gasped,


"It would be so awesome to hang out with you two after school, see you as a couple." Spencer said.

"News flash. Just 'cause we're on this side of the building doesn't mean that we can suddenly light candles and slow dance." Aria stated,

"That's the opening night party. 'hello, Aria.' 'hello, Ezra'." Spencer joked and I laughed,

"Are you finished?" Aria asked,

"It's not like we'll ever be able to go on a double date with you guys." I stated,

"You won't even send us pictures." Hanna said,

"Pictures? Hanna, we meet at his apartment. It's not Sea World." Aria explained,

"We're just saying it'd be nice." Emily replied,

"Believe me, I know. Wish I could." Aria said softly staring at him before snapping up, "But I can't. Um, where's your other scene?"

There were tapping sounds and I automatically knew who it was. Jenna. She walked into the room and stopped,

"Is Mr. Fitz in the auditorium?"

Mr. Fitz moved from the table and in front of Jenna, "Uh, I'm, uh, right here, Jenna. What can I do for you?"

"I don't know if you're interested, But I would like to compose some music for the play." Jenna offered,

"Sure. That'd be great. For the flute?" He asked,

"Yes. Is there a reason that you picked The Bad Seed?" Jenna questioned, "It's one of my favorites. The theme is so inspiring."

Mr. Fitz looked a bit freaked, "Uh, inspiring?"

"I'm fascinated by the nature of evil."

Jenna smirked and looked over at us, as if she knew we were there. As if she knew I was here. And it had me freaked.

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