Chapter 5

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I texted everyone, telling to come over to my house ASAP. I paced in front of my front door until they rang the doorbell and I let them in.

"What's going on?" Aria asked.

"Follow me." I ordered and we all went upstairs and I let them into my room and they gasped.

"A was inside your house." Spencer stated.


"Are you all right?" Emily asked.

"I'm fine. Shaken up, but fine." I answered.

The girls stayed the night, and in the morning, my mom nor my dad were home. We were sitting around the kitchen and Aria showed us a piece of paper.

"A sent this to my mom."

"It's wasn't your fault." Emily said, "It was your dad's, totally."

"No. It is my fault." Aria replied.

"You did not hook up with her and then asked your kid to cover for you." Spencer retorted.

"Ali said I should've told my mom right after it happened."

"Ali? Alison knew?" I questioned.

"Yeah. She was with me." Aria answered.

"So, Alison saw this Meredith person?" Spencer asked.

"Meredith? Her name is Meredith? Ew. That's not even a cute girl name." Hanna said. "I'm seeing big pores and mousy roots."

"Han, I think it's a little too soon to joke." Spencer whispered.

"I'm sorry, but if you're gonna cheat, you might as well do it with somebody who deep-conditions her hair occasionally." Hanna replied.

"Here, put something in your mouth that isn't your foot." Spencer said, handing Hanna a bagel.

Hanna turned to Aria, "I"m sorry, okay? Look, all I'm saying is that when my dad left, laughing sometimes helped. So did crying."

"My father hasn't left, guys." Aria said, walking over to the rest of us, "I mean, this happened over a year ago. You think he's gonna leave?"

Emily shook her head, "Look, whatever happens, we're here for you."

It was silent for a moment, "Thank you guys, for staying here. I couldn't have been here alone."

"Where's your parents anyway?" Hanna asked.

I shrugged, "My mom left last night when my dad didn't come home."

"Shouldn't you clean off that mirror before they get home?" Aria asked.

"Want me to come with?" Emily offered when I hesitated.

"We should all go." Aria said.

"Uh, yeah, you know what? It doesn't take five of us to clean a mirror, so why don't you four go, and I'll just wait here." Hanna stated.

"Fine. You stay down here. Alone." Spencer replied before going upstairs with us, Hanna following.

Her phone rang, "Well. The creature's back. We should have never blocked our phones."

'Ever wonder what's going on when your back is turned?'


"Open the attachment."

Hanna opened it and it was a video of me last night, staring at the mirror

"Was that shot from inside your closet?" Aria questioned.

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