Chapter 14

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There was a loud buzzing noise and I moaned with annoyance.

"Turn it off." Toby grumbled from next to me.

With my eyes still closed, I felt around for the phone. I grabbed it from the bedside table and I opened it.

It was a call from my mom.

I quickly declined and set the phone back on the table before rolling over to face Toby,

"Who was it?"

"My mom." I replied, closing my eyes again

Toby wrapped his arm around me and pulled me flush against his body. He leaned down to kiss me but I pulled away,

"Mmm. Morning breath. Not attractive." I got out of the bed and Toby groaned.

I slipped on my flip flops and grabbed my phone. As I walked past the bed, Toby grabbed my hand,

"Where are you going?"

"Home. My mom is probably worried." I answered,

"Stay for breakfast." He smiled,

"And have Jenna find out I spent the night? No thanks." I replied, going over to his window.

"At least use the front door!" He exclaimed, sitting up.

I smiled, "This is funner."


I breathed heavily as I finished my final spin and the class' teacher clapped,

"Good work, ladies! I think we're ready for our performance Tuesday night! We'll have our dress rehearsal tomorrow. Don't be late!" He instructed before grabbed our stuff and left.

I walked to school and got there before anyone else. Holding a ticket in my hand, I went over to Toby's locker, which had the word 'killer' written on it.

In anger, I went into the bathroom and grabbed multiple paper towels before wetting them and stomping back over to the locker and cleaning it. 

After that, I opened his locker (he told me the combination so I wouldn't have to break into his room anymore) and placed the ticket in his chemistry book. I took out a post it from my bag an wrote a quick note before leaving.

Once school was done, I went home and changed into my jogging clothes. I just passed by the coffee shop when I saw Toby. I was about to cross over to talk to him when I heard people saying mean things to him, and others crossed the street to get away.

He went into a small alley way and I followed. I found him hiding beside a dumpster, tears in his eye. I sat down next to him and held his hand,

"Just ignore them." I said softly, laying my head on his shoulder, "They don't know you like I do."

Toby buried his head into my hair, and we stayed like that for a long while.


The next day I had to ditch the girls and go to my dress rehearsal. It wasn't until the next morning when I found out what happened.

I slammed the computer shut when I saw Allison's hand go limp and I turned to the girls,

"So... Ian killed her?"

"We don't know. But what we do know is that Allison was with Ian the night she died." Spencer answered.


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