Chapter 15

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"You guys are coming to my recital tonight, right?" I asked my friends as we walked down the hallway,

"Of course, Gracie." Spencer smiled,

Hours later, I was dressed in my leotard and tutu, looking at the crowd. I spotted my friends in the middle of the auditorium and Toby was near the back. I smiled when I saw him in a white button up and dress pants.

My mom sat in the second row with an empty seat next to her.

It was supposed to be for my dad.

"Grace! It's almost time."

Sighing, I made my way to the stage, in my position. I heard clapping as the curtains open and the lights illuminated the stage.

The music began and the girls and I began our routine. We started with an adage and once the music began to speed up, we began the allegro.

As I spun with the other girls, I became light headed. I pushed through it and went into the next set of moves.

I continued through the performance, ignoring the dizziness. Once the music stopped and so did we, the audience clapped.

All the girls met up with the people that came to watch them. My mom texted me, telling me that she already left. I went to go talk with Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily for a few minutes before meeting up with Toby,

"Go get changed, I'll take you home."

"Thanks." I smiled and kissed his cheek before going to the dressing room.

Everyone had left already, leaving me alone in the dressing room. I walked around the corner over to my table and mirror and froze.

'When you starve yourself, you feed your demons, darling.'


Those words were on the mirror, written in red lipstick. On the dresser there was a bunch of fatty foods. 

Twizzlers and M&M packets were stuffed in the brush holder while giant bags of chips and Hostess pastieries like Hohos and Twinkies littered the surface of the dresser.

I grabbed the trash can and threw all the foods away before punching the mirror. I held my bleeding hand close to me as I was staring at my broken reflection in the mirror.

What have I become?

"Perfect." Ali whispered, coming up behind me in the mirror.

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