Chapter 26

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We were all back at Emily's house, watching a video that the girls found in a storage unit where Ali had given Emily the key to. It was Jenna with her arms around Toby, which made me sick to my stomach, "It would be so easy for me to convince your daddy and my mommy that you've been forcing yourself on me." She then moved to take off his shirt, "You have no idea who you're dealing with."

"Turn it off." I demanded and Emily closed her laptop ,

"Do you realize what these videos are?" Aria asked, all of us too stunned to speak, "They're of us... Ali, Jenna. We're young girls in our bedrooms changing clothes. We're naked!"

"Exposed." I whispered,

"Do you think someone was watching us and getting it off on it?" Hanna questioned,

"Well, we all know who had a thing for younger girls." Spencer stated and we all shook our heads slightly, 

"I feel sick." I muttered, wrapping my arms around myself, 

Poor Toby. Jenna had been doing this until Ali blinded her with that stink bomb. Now I'm kinda glad I didn't stop Ali from throwing it into the shed,

"In some of these, we were just kids." Hanna stated,

"Ian's been watching us for years."

"And he killed Alison to make sure nobody found out." Spencer assumed,

"I wish Ali would've told us about these videos." Emily spoke up for the first time since we watched the video,

Spencer got up and grabbed the drive,  You guys, it is not too late to help her. We can use this to prove that Ian killed Alison."

We all looked at Spencer that now stood at the foot of the bed, "How are we gonna do that?" Emily asked,

"We start by finding out what Jenna knows." Spencer answered,

"Are you on something?" 

"Jenna's at the top of our A-list." Hanna replied, 

"Look, I get it, okay, but she knows that these videos existed. She was looking for them. That's why she hired Caleb to find that key!" Spencer said,

"Spence, how are we ever supposed to believe anything that bitch says?" I asked, "If that bitch is A, this could be a trap."

"You guys, Ian was watching all of us. For all we know, he still is." Aria stated, "Spencer's right. We have to try."

"We've been afraid of her since the Jenna thing, and now we finally have something that she wants. And Alison gave it to us." We all looked at Spencer and nodded, knowing what we needed to do.

The next morning I went on a jog and stopped at the cafe. She was about to order her usual latte and low calorie muffin when she got a text on her phone,

'Eat' -Toby

I smiled before looking up at the cashier, "Can I have a breakfast sandwich, please?"

"Don't do it, Grace. You'll ruin everything you've worked for."

I ignored  Ali's voice and took a bite of the sandwich with a smirk on my face.

We all met up before classes started the next day and found Jenna in the music room. She heard our footsteps and spoke up,  "Who's there?"

"It's Grace." I answered, stopping and crossing my arms,

She turned to face us, "Who else?"

"Spencer, Aria, Emily... And Hanna." Spencer continued,

"Should I call security?" Jenna asked,

"We have what you hired Caleb to find." Spencer said,

"You didn't think it was wrong, but Toby did." I stated,

"So, you've seen it?"

"Every frame." Spencer answered,

"What do you want from me?"

"The truth." Hanna spoke up from behind everyone, "Can you handle that?"

"Look," Jenna began, "when I said Alison came to visit me at the hospital I was telling you the truth. She didn't come to talk about you, Spencer. That was a lie."

"And how do we know that you're not lying to us now?" Spencer asked,

"You knew Alison, okay? You knew what she was capable of." Jenna replied,

"We're listening."

"It was the day before she went missing, and she was on her way home from Georgia. She had just found the video." Jenna explained, "She couldn't wait to play it for me." 

"She was on her way home from Georgia?" Spencer questioned,

"Th-that's what she said." Jenna stuttered, "And then she made some joke about her... tan. Too bad I couldn't see it."

"Did she tell you anything else?" I asked, 

"It was a short visit." She replied, "Look, I-I have given you what you've asked for. What are you gonna give me?"

"We'll make sure the video stays in a safe place." Spencer answered,

"Okay." Jenna whispered before making her way towards the door, "We've all made mistakes. Remember, I'm still paying for yours." 

"For all we know, she wrote that story." Aria stated when Jenna left,

"And we still don't know how Ali got the video." Emily continued,

"Yes, we do. That video was Alison's insurance policy, and she cashed it in the day that she got it." Spencer explained,

"Which means she was with Ian when she found it." I said,

"And she couldn't wait to play that video for Jenna." Spencer finished, "God, do you remember how happy Ali was when she came back from that trip? I think it's because, for her, the Jenna thing was over."

"Nice of her to share the safety net with us." Hanna commented,

"'Wait for it, girls. Wait for it.'" Emily quoted,

"Wait for what?"

"That's what Ali said when we met her at the taxi. Maybe that's what we were waiting for." Emily suggested,

"Do you remember at Alison's funeral, when we were all wondering why Jenna was there?" Aria asked us, "If she's telling the truth, Jenna came back because she could."

 "And Ali's the one who got buried."

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