Chapter 22

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I went downstairs, dressed in a pair of jeans and a floral tank top. I poured myself some coffee in a travel mug before making my way towards the front door,

"Don't you want breakfast?" I heard my mother call out,

My stomach growled and I winced, "Um, I was gonna meet up with Emily and Spencer at school and eat there. Maybe tomorrow?"

"Great excuse, Gracie. I can see that I taught you well."

"Alright, sweetheart. Have a good day!"

I let out a sigh of relief before leaving and going to school. I sat down outside with Emily and Spencer and she told us she got the part that she wanted. Emily's phone buzzed and I read the name,

"Why is Paige McCullers calling?" I asked, "Is she still torturing you?"

"No, she's...we're cool now." Emily replied, grabbing her phone and pressing the ignore button,

"Really? What brought you closer, her trying to drown you?" Spencer questioned and I shot her a look,

"She's got a cousin in the military, and she's kind of anxious about it." Emily informed us before looking at me, "Did you and Toby figure out that braille thing yet, what 214 means?"

"We're still working on it." I replied,

"I'm supposed to drop off his french book after school, so maybe him and I can talk about it." Spencer said before Emily shot up,

"Can I do it? I haven't seen him since they dropped the charges, and I'd kind of like to talk to him again."

"Yeah." Spencer replied, giving her the french book,

I looked over and saw Ian talking to Jenna. I narrowed my eyes at the two and my friends caught onto my glaring,

"What are you looking at?" They both turned to see what I was looking at,

"I didn't even know they knew each other." Emily stated,

"There's a lot of things that we don't know." I replied,

Ian handed Jenna a bag, "What is that? What did he just give her?"


Play practice began and I left to go to ballet practice. Hours later, I got home and my dad was waiting in the kitchen,

"Grace. I was wondering when you were gonna come home." He smirked, taking a swig of his beer,

"Well, I'm here now." I grabbed an apple and walked towards the stairs,

"Wait, come here. I haven't seen you in a while."

"Maybe because you spend so much time with your new girlfriend." I snapped, crossing my arms.

Dad froze and set his beer on the table, "What?"

"I saw you with her, dad. Don't try to deny it." I stated, "You're lucky I haven't told mom yet. But don't think that I won't."

My dad sighed, "What do I have to do so you won't tell her?"

"You can't do anything, dad. She needs to know. Whether you get  divorce or you guys work it out, I don't care. You can't keep this from her." I told him before going to my room.

The next morning I got a text from Spencer saying that they found Ali's murder weapon. I was just about to walk through the front doors when they were escorted out by police. Emily shook her head at me and I stood back.

My cell phone beeped and I check the message,

'You're next.' -A

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