Chapter 11

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Soon we were moved into the locker rooms because of a tornado warning. Emily was whisked away by Detective Wilden and we followed.

"What is going on?" Spencer asked as we entered the library,

"Oh, perfect. We can all be together for an update." Wilden smiled,

"We're supposed to be in the locker room." Hanna said,

"I'm guessing you are used to being in places you're not supposed to be." Wilden said, facing Emily, "Tell your friends where you were last night? When you weren't studying for the test? See, because I got these really interesting photos." He took his phone out of his jacket and handed it to Emily, "Pass it around. There's plenty more where that came from. At the precinct." Aria took the phone and we saw Emily at the memorial sight, "And I see you didn't get a chance to clean your shoes either."

"That's not why I went there." Emily said, 

"Really? So you didn't go back to finish up Toby's handiwork? Or were you there covering up his tracks?"

"I found it like that. It was already destroyed." 

"Really. Well, then let me ask you a question." Wilden pulled out the statues from the memorial, "What were these doing in your bag? Souvenirs? Something Toby asked you to save for his trophy collection?"

"Leave Toby out of this." I spat at Wilden,

"This has nothing to do with him." Emily said,

"Em, why do you have those?" Aria asked,

"No, you put those in there, you creep. Emily would never do that, the memorial was her idea." Hanna said,

"Yeah. So I heard. Nice cover, huh?" Wilden then pulled out an envelope, "You want me to share this with them? Or would you like to? Go ahead and tell them about the angry letter that you wrote to Alison. Which is dated, by the way, three days before she disappeared."

"You had no right to read that." Emily said,

"Emily, what is in that letter?" Spencer asked,

 "Tell her. Tell her how you wanted to punish Alison for rejecting you. Tell her you felt relieved at the funeral. Yeah, she wasn't gonna be around to humiliate you anymore, was she?" Wilden accused,

"I went back to that memorial to say I was sorry. There were horrible things in that letter. And I didn't mean them. But then suddenly she was gone and... I loved her as more than a friend. I just never had the chance to tell her in the right way." Emily confessed,

"Give her the letter back. Give it back to her now or I swear to God I will rip your head off!" Hanna exclaimed, 

"Sorry. I can't. We're not leaving until you tell me what you were doing carting around pieces of Alison's memorial!" Wilden yelled,

"They were the only things that weren't broken." Emily said,

"What's going on in here? Why aren't they with the other kids?" Mrs. Hastings questioned, coming into the library,

"Who are you?" Wilden asked,

"Her mother." She answered, standing beside Spencer, "If this is the school's idea of keeping my child safe I'm glad I came back. Honey... Why is she crying?"

"He accused her of killing Alison." Spencer answered,


"He went through her purse and now he's accusing her." I smirked,

"Oh, hold it. Hold it. You're questioning minors without an adult? What? What police department do you work for? What century are you in?" Mrs. Hastings questioned Wilden,  

"I would advise-" Wilden began,

"Oh, no. I would advise you to back off. Anything they've said to you... is inadmissible in a courtroom. Period. Let's go. Emily, honey, grab your things. What were you thinking?" Mrs. Hastings asked,

"I have a homicide to solve, okay?"

"Not anymore you don't. You're done. You're done with this investigation. Unless you wanna face me down with opposing counsel." She said before we left the room. 

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