Chapter 17

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Monday morning rolled around and I got to school after my workout and small breakfast of an apple.

I met up with Aria and Spencer and we headed towards Hanna and Spencer's locker.

"Hanna. Hey. Who are you talking to?" Aria asked as we approached the blonde,

"My mom." She answered,

"Is everything okay?" I asked,

"Hmm? Uh, yeah. Everything's fine."

"Oh. Here. I forgot to give these to you last night." Spencer said, giving Aria a folder and Aria opened it to reveal two tickets,

"Thank you. Oh, I owe you big time. Are you sure your dad's not gonna miss these?" Aria asked,

"Oh, please. He joined the museum board for networking. The man doesn't know the difference between a Monet and a mojito." Spence replied, getting her books out of her locker,

"Well, hey, how can I get you back?" Aria questioned.

"Pay for the extra toppings on my pizza delivery." She answered,

"All right, you got it."

"Oh. And a DVD rental. If I have to hole up in my room all night as your alibi... ...I would like to do it with Jake Gyllenaal." Spencer contiued,

"Wait. What alibi? Aren't you both going to the museum?" Hanna asked,

"No, um," Aria looked around to make sure no one was listening, "Spencer got the tickets for me and Ezra."

"You're taking Mr. Fitz?" I asked,

"I really wish you'd just call him Ezra. And yes, I'm taking him. He just doesn't know it yet. It's a surprise. I don't know, I figured that a date out of town... would give us a chance to actually have a date." Aria explained,

"Yeah. I get it. You guys do kind of have the social lives of shut-ins." Spencer joked before we headed to class,


The next day, Emily got a bracelet from Paige that looks exactly like the ones Alison gave us. Exactly like the one we found in the forest.

Everyone but Spencer and I were busy, so after school we went to her house. I forced down a few bites of pizza checking the clock,

"Why are we eating at 4:30?" I asked,

"Because this appointment is at 5 and it's far away. And I don't know how long we're gonna be there. We know what happens when my blood sugar drops." Spencer explained,

"Okay, but why do I have to eat?"

"Oh. I guess you don't." Spencer shrugged,

"Why'd you have to make an appointment for a bead shop?" I questioned, pushing my plate away,

"This shop is at her home. Sounds like she makes dream catchers in her kitchen. You sure you don't want that?" Spencer asked, reaching for my plate,

"I'm stuffed. If I eat any more, I'm gonna need a bigger leotard." I smiled,

"Speaking of leotard, I noticed this boy in your dance class." Spencer commented, taking another bite of pizza,

"Preston? Yeah, he's nice." I replied,

"Do you mind if I... ya know...." 

I smiled, "Go for it. Although, I think he's gay, just warning you."

"Mmm. How's Toby?" She asked,

"He's bored. There's not much to do in his house. Just work on his bike, study. Doesn't have much of a social life." I answered, "We haven't even really gone out on a date yet. Unless you count homecoming."

"I wouldn't. That night ended up with you going to the hospital." Spencer replied before looking down at her watch, "Let's go."

After a long time of driving, we made it to the woman's house. She quickly let us inside and Spencer showed her the bracelets,

"I just came here to find out who bought these two bracelets."

She led us into a room and over to a desk with papers and a large book scattered on the surface,

"Oh, well, let me see. Well, I can tell you, these bracelets were made within the last six months. I changed vendors. People were complaining about the clasps." The woman said, patting the bracelets, 

"You do keep records, right?" I asked,

"Yes, dear. I'm trying, but as you can see...I'm a little better at beading than organizing." 

"Please, it's important to us." Spencer said,

"Wait a minute. Oh. Oh, here it is." The woman exclaimed,

"You found it?" I smiled,

"Yes. Now, these two were purchased by a Spencer Hastings." Our faces changed and she turned to face us, "Does that help, dear?"


It was dark when I got home. I found my sister in the kitchen, eating take out.

"Where's mom and dad?" I asked, setting my bag down.

"Mom went out with some friends. And I'm assuming dad's at work still." Jen answered,

"He's always at work." I mumbled,

"He's trying to support our family, Grace. Be more thankful." Jen snapped,

I rolled my eyes before going upstairs to my room. I opened my curtains and gasped at what I saw.

My dad was standing at the end of the driveway kissing and gripping the hips of a woman that's not my mother. Her hair was much darker than my mother's, her skin tanner, and her figure was curvier.

They parted and my dad walked towards the door with his suitcase in hand. My phone behind me buzzed.

I winced, knowing who it would be.

"Relationships fail when they're too many passengers."- A

Running downstairs, I grabbed my bag and left for Spencer's house with tears in my eyes. Spencer had us all gathered around her bed while she held the photo A sent us and explained a part of what happened that night.

"So the shadow in the picture isn't lan, it's you?" Aria asked,

"Yeah." Spencer answered,

"Why didn't you tell us before?" Emily questioned,

"I don't know. I guess that I was scared. This is gonna sound crazy... but I think that I didn't tell you because... there was always a part of me that wondered if it was my fault. I mean, I wished it, then it came true." Spencer said,

"Spence, you didn't mean it. It was something you said... in the heat of the moment. Besides, Ali said stuff to us that was worse. Much worse, right?" Hanna replied, and Spencer nodded,

 I stared out the window, thinking about what I saw earlier, and my eyes widened when I saw someone next door in Ali's old room,

"Oh, my God." I gasped and all the girls looked in the same direction,

"Is that...?"

"It's Jason."

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