Chapter 10

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"It's insane. How many words do they expect you to learn in one night?" Hanna asked as I read a flash card for Spencer,


"Uh, tough. Inflexible." Spencer answered and I high-fived her,

"It's not like you're actually gonna use them." Hanna stated,

 "Meretricious." Aria read off,

"It's not like you go to college and then... start speaking a different language."

"It's about getting into college. Meretricious. Um... Phony, flashy." Spencer replied,

 "Mm-hm. Uh, Han, why are you still eating that?" Aria asked, looking over at Hanna who was eating the garlic bread,

"Because it's here." Hanna answered,

"Put it in the garbage." Spencer said,

"Then I'd have to stand over the garbage and eat it. " 

"Besotted." I cleared my throat, looking away from the good smelling food,

"Be strong, Gracie."

"Infatuated, enamored, in love with." Spencer answered,

"Mm-hm." I hummed,

"What did Noel say to you after the memorial?" Hanna asked Aria,

"We are taking the SATs in less than 12 hours. Can we focus?" Spencer questioned,

"Okay, Spencer... do not need to know any more big words. You're already scary enough." 

"I'm not scary. Am I scary?" Spencer whined,

"A little." Aria and I answered at the same time,

"Hey, I saw Noel Kahn hug you. And he did not wanna let go." Hanna informed Aria,

"Talk about not wanting to let something go."

"Why can't you give him a chance? He's smart, he's cute... ...his Dad owns, like, half of Rhode Island. And he's got great lips." Hanna went on,

"His father?" Spencer asked,

"Noel. Ew. Seriously, Aria. You and Noel would look amazing together." Hanna replied,

"Can we drop it? Please? I'm not looking for anything more than a friend." Aria said,

"Why? I mean, don't you have enough on Facebook? Besides, don't you want someone real? Someone you can, I don't know, scratch and sniff?" Hanna questioned

"Wow, maybe you should just eat that over the garbage." Spencer said,

"Okay, I am trying to help out a friend here. We don't all have smoking-hot boys from the country club."

"What is going on with you and Alex? Is he back from that tournament?" I asked Spencer,

"Yeah. He's back." She answered,


"And it's good. It's so good. I want it to last, but I'm afraid I'm gonna blow it." Spencer said,

"So when can we officially call him the boyfriend?" Hanna asked before the door opened and Spencer's mom came in,

 "Hi, Mom. "

"Hey, Mrs. Hastings."

"Hi, girls. Oh, what smells so good?" Mrs. Hastings asked,

"Garlic bread. Want some?" Hanna asked,

"I can't. God, I miss food. Eat some butter for me, will you? Why do I have so many messages?" Mrs. Hastings babbled to herself,

"Hey, maybe you should ask Alex to..." Aria began but was cut off from Spencer,

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