Chapter 24

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I didn't go to school the next day. I couldn't. Around 10 am there was a knock on the door and I found a bag on the mat, with my clothes and phone inside that I left in Toby's motel room. On top was a letter that I haven't opened yet.

For the rest of the day I sat on my bed, the letter sitting on the comforter while I stared at it and ate ice cream. I soon grabbed my phone and scrolled through my many messages.

Many were from Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna. But there was one from an unknown number.

'Your demons have found you.' -A

I threw my phone on the ground and tears flooded my eyes. I rushed down to my kitchen and my mother's leftover casserole from last night. I cut out a few pieces and heated them up before sitting at the table with a sigh. 

My hands shook as I grabbed the fork and stabbed the food in front of me. I brought it towards my mouth and bit into it.

An hour later I was leaning over the toilet, puking the contents of my stomach out. I sat back against the wall, tears running down my face.

"Good girl, Gracie." Ali sat next to me,

"I want to stop." I said to her, looking into her blue eyes,

"But why?" She asked, "You're not perfect yet."

"When? How much longer?" I questioned,

"When you're dead."

 I sat there until it got dark then I left for The Grill to meet with the girls. They found some 'evidence' against Spencer so we're gonna meet up to talk about it,

Emily gave me a ride there, and we were silent. We all sat near a window and discussed what was happening,

"I think someone's going to a great deal of trouble to make you look guilty." Aria commented,

"Do you think somebody rubbed that sweater on your bracelet?" Emily asked,

"Somebody? Try Ian. He's doing everything he can to make you look guilty." Hanna said, "Your parents should hire you a 24-hour bodyguard."

"What about Jenna? What if she paid Caleb to get that bracelet?" Aria suggested,

"When was Caleb in Spencer's house?" I asked,

"He doesn't need an invitation, Em. He broke into a vending machine with a spork." Aria replied,

"Guys..." I looked over at Spencer who was looking out the window, "I think somebody's watching us."

We all looked to see dressed up mannequins, "Those? They're for the founders festival." Emily stated,

"Man, if that's what Rosewood's founding family looked like, how did they ever get anyone to move here?" Aria joked,

"And why were they allowed to reproduce?" Spencer continued,

"Guys, if Caleb was-" Emily began but Hanna interrupted,

"Could we stop using the "c" word?"

"We know this is hard for you, okay, but we have to talk about Ca... him." Aria said "If we want to help Spencer, we have to know what Caleb knows."

"Guys, there is definitely somebody out there." Spencer stated but we ignored her comment,

"Maybe if Emily and I cornered Caleb, not in school, but somewhere that's Jenna-free...." Aria started,

"If Caleb's gonna talk to anyone, it's gonna be me." Hanna stated,

"Will you do it?" I asked Hanna,

"To help Spencer, sure."

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