Chapter 20

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I went to Toby's the next day after school. I knocked but the door was open, so I went inside. I went into his room and sat on his bed, scrolling through social media on my phone when Toby came in,

"Sorry. I was on the phone." Toby stated,

"Is everything okay?" I asked,

Toby had a small smile on his face as he sat down next to me, "My lawyer called. The D.A. Is dropping the charges against me."

"They're not gonna charge you with killing Alison?" I questioned, a smile appearing on my face,

"I didn't get the details, but he said the blood evidence was corrupted. The district attorney can't go to trial without it." 

"They're finished with you?"

"Not finished. They can charge me anytime they find new evidence. But... For right now, I'm free, once I get this ball and chain off my leg." His smile grew, "I'm waiting for my dad to take me to the courthouse for that."

"I could drive you." I told him, getting off the bed and grabbing his hand, "Let's go!"

We just got outside when Jenna pulled up in a taxi. Toby close the door after me and we awkwardly approached the steps,

"Toby? Mr. Dugan called with the good news. Did you hear?" She said with a smiled,

"He told me." Toby answered,

"We can get that awful thing off your leg right now. The cab's waiting."

"That's all right... I've got a ride." Toby replied and Jenna's smile faded,


"Hi." I gave her a tight lipped smile, even though she couldn't see it,

"It's really very nice of you, but I'm here now." Jenna responded,

"I'm going with Grace." Toby said, grabbing my hand and dragging me down the steps. 

We passed by Jenna and I tensed as I did. We were nearly at my car when I heard her mumble,

"I see."


After Toby got his ankle bracelet off, we went to the edge of town and parked by the Rosewood sign. To our right was the outlook over the town of Rosewood that was beautiful this time of the night. You could see the whole town.

"You could just keep going." I smiled, crossing my arms as I watched Toby step over the line and out of Rosewood, "If that's what you wanted."

"They could pull me back whenever they want. Anyway...I don't like running. I've done too much of it." Toby responded,

"You could start to get your life back." I replied as I walked towards him,

"I'm not so sure I want it back. Not the way it was. I have to make some changes."

"Spencer figured out what the message means. Braille uses the same symbols for letters and numbers. It wasn't B-A-D, it was the number 2-1-4. What does that mean?" I questioned,

"I don't know." Toby answered,

"Toby." I whined, 

"I heard Jenna in her room on the phone talking to somebody. I don't know who... but they were talking about Spencer." He replied,


"Jenna used the embosser attached to her computer, and I slipped in and made a rubbing of what she printed out. Two-one-four. Does that number mean anything to you or Spencer?" Toby asked,

"It could be anything. A house number, an area code..." I rambled,

"We have to figure it out, for both our sakes. "

"Are you afraid of Jenna?" I asked,

"I was. I still have to be careful not to cross her. She's got the power in that house. But... I'm not afraid of her the way I used to be. That makes her nervous. You make her nervous." Toby stated,

"I do?" I questioned,

"I think she's afraid of you, and the rest of Alison's friends... all of you who were there the night of the fire." Toby shook his head and grabbed my hands, "Look, I don't want to talk about Jenna right now. I just want to spend time with my girlfriend."

I smiled and leaned up to kiss him. Toby wrapped his arms around me and we sat int he grass, watching the town.

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