chapter 13

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"It's been four days, Harry."

He looked up at me, his mouth slightly open and a spoon of cereal halfway to his mouth.

He lowers it. "They haven't even called?"

I nodded, saddened by the thought of my parents not even caring about my whereabouts. I could almost picture them at the dining table, eating pastries and scoffing at colourblind suicides on the news. Oh, the irony of it all was just too much.

"Tomorrow," I decided "-will you come with me?"

He finished scooping the rest of his cereal into his mouth and stands to place it in the sink. "Of course." He shoots me a small smile and then heads towards the bathroom to get ready for work.

He works nine-to-five on weekdays so he was mostly gone for the whole day, it made me feel disgusting how I was another thing added to the list of things he had to take care of, he was warm and welcoming now but soon I would just be another side glance, another thing to add to his list.

The overwhelming realisation of adulthood hit me here, in this small apartment, more than anywhere else. I swept my hair back in a ponytail and trudged to the bathroom. The hot water trickling down my back was somewhat comforting, I wondered what it would be like to properly move in with Harry.

Even with the disastrous cloud hanging over us, I still looked into his eyes and felt bubbly. He still gave me shivers when he walked out of the bathroom with just a towel around his waist, there was still electricity. I smiled faintly, massaging shampoo into my hair. I only want two things in this world, I want him and I want us.

I want us to work.

I wondered if one day, love would be painless, that falling in love would be just like a dream. That no tears would be shed, no skin would be marked, no heartbreaks would exist and no memories would be sad.

I got out of the shower, running a comb through my wet hair, it rather reminded me of seaweed washed up on sand beaches. I smiled to myself, that childish imagination I once had didn't fully leave me as I thought it had.

I hunted in some drawers before I found some paper, then for the next few hours I drew, I drew my fucking heart out onto that paper. Inevitably, the pencil nib broke and I sat back to review the smudgy mess of an angel, he just so happened to have blue eyes and a cheeky smile.

I checked the time on my phone, Harry's shift at the coffee shop was over soon, I dressed- stealing one of his hoodies and walked to the shop to surprise him.

It's not very late, but I still saw the glow of the coffee shop in the dark of this wintery weather, I shrink into his hoodie, feeling the cold now. Entering the shop and stepping into its warmth, it isn't an action that brings me to a stop it's just Harry tends to do that sometimes.

He's talking to a customer, a pretty blonde and they're laughing over the hum of the coffee machine. It's only a conversation but I can't stop the pang of jealousy in my chest when a stranger can so easily make him smile and all I get are strained smiles and tired cheek-kisses.

He places a cup of coffee in her hands, with a warm smile and I almost want to walk straight out of the shop but that level of melodrama doesn't exist in reality. I walk slowly towards him, a hesitant smile on my face as I half expect his to fade once he saw me.

My heart leaps when he sees me and grins, eyes lighting up. "Blair! Come to visit me?" He says in delight, his brown hair forever messily in his eyes.

"Yeah, I was just-," his smile was such a relief I forgot my reasons for coming to see him.

He leans across the counter. "My shift finishes in 10."

I nod, "I'll have some coffee please, sir." I said loudly, chuckling.

"Right away ma'am." He winks and makes me a coffee, pushing my hand away when I try to pay for it.

I go to sit at a booth where I have a nice view of him, pulling out a notepad and sketching different angles of his beautifully structured face, I look up at him every so often and he throws me a smirk, checking the time on his watch.

Soon, all of the customers vacate the shop and Harry is clearing up, I stand up to go and help him but he rolls his eyes and tells me to sit right back where I was.

"I've missed so much of school." I half whispered, putting my head in my hands, Harry came to sit beside me in the booth and ran his fingers through my hair.

"It's going to be okay, they'll understand." He said soothingly, smiling up at me. "It's all going to work out, I promise."

"Really?" I asked him, my eyes widening to grab onto this small part of hope.

"Really." He confirmed.

"Harry," I said, my voice teary, "-thank you so much, for you know everything." I burst out, feeling so useless.

"Hey-hey," He brought his hands up to cup my face, "-shh, it's okay. I love spending time with you, Blair and there's no where i'd rather be than right by your side."

"You really mean that?" I whisper.

"Yes," he chuckles, "-I really mean it."

His eyes suddenly flicker down from my eyes to my lips and I see he's full of longing. He leans forward and presses our forehead together, looking up from his long eyelashes. "Can I kiss you?"

My mouth breaks out into a smile, I nod and press my lips to his own, they're warm and welcoming and all my anxiety about being a burden just melts away. I pull back and giggle, feeling happier than I've been in a long time.

Suddenly, he frowns a little. "Is that my hoodie?" He laughs.

"Yep," I say, snuggling into it. "And you're never getting it back."

He shakes his head at me. "Looks better on you, anyway." His words full of fondness and I almost want to cry again because this beautiful boy in front of me is too pure for this world and I don't deserve him at all.

"Come on," He tucks my hair behind my ear, "Let's go home."


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