chapter 6

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I pushed open the door to the coffee shop and took my usual seat by the window, Liam sat down next to me.

"Is your friend late?" Liam asked, looking around.

"No, his shift is just finishing." I replied through gritted teeth.

"Oh, he works here. How...ambitious."

I glared at him. "Don't be a snob, Harry is a really nice guy. Not everyone has a family with a safety net of cash to fall back on."

Liam looked shocked. "Why are you getting so defensive?"

Just then, I heard someone clear their throat and my face resumed it's smile once I saw it was Harry.

"Hi Blair," he averted his eyes, awkwardly.

I got up, patting down my dress. "Will you just excuse us for one moment." I smiled at Liam and grabbed Harry's arm before he could reply.

"Why did you bring him?" He asked, bewildered.

"He was getting suspicious so I said he could come along, I'm sorry." I bit my lip, looking back at the table where Liam was turning down his nose at everything.

"You also didn't tell me your soulmate was Liam Carter." He whispered, exasperated.

"What does it mean to you?" I said, thoroughly confused.

"Blair!" he grabbed me by the shoulders, "The guys a millionaire, his family owns everything and girls fawn over him on a regular basis! If he's my competition, I might as well give up now."

"None of that matters! I do not love him, Harry." I glared. "Think I don't know who he is, a social elitist and stuck up pig? I hate him precisely for being Liam Carter."

Harry ran a hand through his hair. "Okay, let's just get back to the table and we'll talk about this later."

I turned and walked back, smiling again as I slid in the seat beside Liam.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." He stood up and offered his hand to Harry. I noticed how his eyes lingered over him, full of prejudgment. I kicked him slightly under the table and he continued smiling. "Liam Carter."

"I know-I mean, Harry Lewis. It's nice to meet you too." Harry stumbled over his words, causing me to giggle a little.

"So, how did you two meet?" Liam asked, leaning forward to rest his elbows on the table.

I glanced over at him, in his usual expensive suit and stupid purple tie that I loathed. His hair was gelled to perfection and not a trace of stubble on his chin, I could see how he was intimidating but I'd never really thought about him like that. He was just Liam to me.

"Here, actually," Harry exchanged a glance with me, unspoken communication passed through the air, "she spilled her coffee on me and we just got talking."

I smiled, it was a well thought out lie, meaning we were forced to talk and not by choice did I interact with him.

"Are you at school, Harry?" Liam asked, his smooth voice left not trace of rudeness which I had to give credit to.

"Actually, this is my gap year and then off to uni." Harry nodded, taking a sip of coffee.

"Interesting, and what do you plan on studying?"

"Enough about school." I intervened, noting how uncomfortable Harry was at this topic, "Why don't you tell Liam about your video game passion?"

"You play video games?" Harry choked out, looking at Liam in disbelief.

"Yeah and I could kick your ass at a game of Fifa." Liam smirked, tilting his head at this new found competition.

Harry chuckled. "I don't think so."

I sighed, this was way too heated for my liking. I suddenly felt a breeze as the window flew open, wind ripping though the air and knocking a cup over. Luckily it was empty. One of the staff members shut it and offered a compensation pastry to which I didn't refuse.

"Oh, Blair your hair messed up a little." Harry laughed, reaching over and gently tucking it back behind my ears. Liam went quiet, watching this interaction intently. I was too caught up by the feeling of Harry touching my hair to remember how I was supposed to hate people doing so.

Liam got up, throwing some notes down on the table. "We should leave, Blair. Nice meeting you, Harry." He nodded at him and then we left, I snuck a glance back at Harry and he winked at me.

Once outside, Liam turned to look at me.

"What?" I said, unsure of his expression.

He suddenly leaned forward and kissed me, I was a little startled but kissed back and pulled him closer like usual. It felt wrong, especially since Harry could probably see us.

"I love you." Liam whispered, pulling back.

"I love you too." I smiled, grabbing his hand and yanking him forward so we could start walking home.

"It's cold, let me call a car." Liam said, taking off his jacket to place around my shoulders.

We waited in silence for the car to draw up beside on the pavement and then I got in, with one last lingering glance at the coffee shop but I couldn't make out Harry so I turned and got in the car.

A boy with brown hair was watching her from inside the window, he had surveyed the intense make-out session with a pang in his heart because he knew she wasn't going to let Liam go any time soon and he didn't know how much longer he could take it.

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