chapter 5

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It had been a whole three days since I had seen Harry. I was quite worried that he hasn't texted me or anything. I couldn't help wondering if he was having second thoughts. I sighed and angrily flicked my paintbrush over the canvas.

"You okay, Blair?"

I looked to my left at the girl beside me, my best friend. We had started off hating each other on the first day of nursery school when she had poured glitter in my hair. Now, we're inseparable. She's my shopping buddy, my shoulder to lean on and basically always there for me. I should tell her.

"Let's talk after, okay?" I said. We were both finishing up our coursework for exams as we were in our last year of college and I was very distracted.

"Cool, we could get coffee?"

I winced.

"I'm not in the mood, just come over to mine?" I said, firmly.

She nodded, her short curls bobbing up and down, then went back to her work, I sighed again, looking at my ruined painting. I put my paintbrushes away and packed up, slinging my jacket on.

"I'm leaving, see you later Cara."

Once I was out of there, I took out my phone to dial Harry's number but then my finger hesitated over his contact name. This random tsunami of doubt washed over me, clouding my thoughts.

I shoved my phone back into my pocket and walked home, I didn't want to face the bustle of people on the tube right now.

When I was nearing home, I wondered around the block taking the long way round. Until I heard someone shouting. They seemed to be really urgently shouting, interrupting my thoughts. I scowled and turned on my heel only to crash into something solid. I stumbled backwards, annoyance dying away as I saw who was standing in front of me.

"Harry." I breathed, suddenly a little shy.

"Blair! I was calling your name." He chuckled.

"Oh? I was just kinda lost in thought, sorry." I admitted. "So, why haven't you called or texted me?"

He looked away. "I've just been busy but do you want to come by the shop later on?" He grinned, "I do make the best caramel frappès in town."

"I guess we'll see about that." I smiled.

I watched him walk away from me, looking back a couple of times to wave and smile. I couldn't deny the way my heart sped up and the redness tinging my cheeks. He made me feel like everything made sense in the world. When I was with him, it was easy to breathe.

I got home, racing upstairs to my blank canvas that was awaiting my coursework. I took it down and replaced it with my painting of Harry's eyes. It spoke so much emotion, intense emotion. The first piece I painted in colour.

Art, the reason why people can express their feelings on a piece of paper better is because it can never judge you. The piece of paper can't get up and tell you who you should be and who you should love.


I beckoned my best friend over and she came to sit beside me, both of us staring at my painting.

"It's beautiful." She breathed, her voice low and entranced. "Who's eyes are they?"

I sighed, dragging my eyes away from the painting. "That's what I've meaning to tell you.

She looked at me, her head tilted to one side in confusion.

I breathed in deeply and the exhaled. "I'm colourblind, Cara. Or I thought I was up until four days ago, I found my soulmate and his name is Harry." I smiled a little at the thought of him. "I know it's confusing and I don't fully understand it but I'm drowning. Liam is not my soulmate, Harry is."

I looked down, scared to see her reaction. I didn't want her to pity me or judge me.

I felt an arm on my shoulder, causing me to look up at her. She was smiling.

"Blair, you're my best friend and I love you. Whatever this means, I'm here for you." She laughed a little. "Is he hot?"

I squealed and grabbed her into a hug. "He's got this crooked grin that makes me melt inside and we went to the cinema and he kissed me and it was so perfect."

She giggled. "This is the first time in years that I've seen you so happy."

I smiled. "I'm going to see him today."

"See who?"

I jumped, turning to the doorway where Liam was standing. Cara's face changed to one of horror and probably mirrored my own. We exchanged a glance and then both burst out laughing.

"Sorry to walk in on you two." He smiled, strolling over and dropping a kiss on my forehead. "Who are you going to see?"

"Just a friend." I said casually.

"The same friend you ditched me for the other day?" He asked, his tone more confused now.

"I'll leave you two to talk." Cara said, getting up and leaving but not before throwing me a warning glance.

"You don't have to be suspicious, Liam." I said, standing up to face him.

His eyes bore into mine, looking for some sign of dishonestly. They then flickered to behind me and focused on something. "Did you paint that?"

I saw him gazing at my painting.

"Yes, what's the big deal?" I asked, perplexed.

"It's in colour." He noted, seemingly surprised. "Who's eyes are they?"

I halted, I didn't want to lie to him but if I told him the truth then he would instantly be suspicious and confused.

"Are they his eyes?" He sounded angered.

"It's not a big deal, Liam! We were just talking and he wanted me to paint his eyes and so I did and it came out better than I thought so I'm handing it in as my final piece for the exam." I explained in a rush.

"Can I come with you, to go see him?" He suddenly asked, looking please with himself.

"Fine." If I had said no, it would have just made him increasingly more suspicious as to why I wasn't letting him meet Harry.

I sighed, this was going to be one hell of an afternoon.

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