chapter 10

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My mother was flicking through a stupid catalogue showing different wedding dresses that were all- if I am being completely honest- hideous. I closed my eyes, wanting the universe to swallow me whole.

I glanced out the window, pondering on the thought of the universe. I had come to a conclusion. Hypothetically, I had let Liam love me without loving him in return so the universe deciding mine and Harry's paths should cross was what I deserved. I knew I wasn't strong or brave enough to break things off with Liam and the thing was, I was doing this all for the people around me. After all, their happiness mattered more than my own. I could live this out for the sake of my parents and family. They adored Liam and, quite frankly, I'm not sure they would like Harry at all.

Since I had said goodbye to Harry, all I did was paint. Every night when my eyes stayed firmly open, I would get out a fresh canvas and paint until my fingers felt numb. When I looked at the art I had created in the morning, it saddened me how I used to capture a certain boys eyes that held the entire galaxy and now my art didn't even measure up to one star.

I almost burst into tears, right there but instead I ran upstairs and locked my door. I cried because I deserved the love I kept trying to give others and I almost had it, too but then it slipped out of my grasps and I didn't even hold on tightly.

There was a soft knock at the door, I quickly turned away breathing evenly, trying to stop shaking so much.

"Come in." My voice quavered.

In walked my best friend, she took one look at my teary eyes and held her arms out. I ran into them, breaking down again in her arms. Cara was one of those friends you didn't have to speak to everyday but when you needed her, she was there. We stood there, hugging each other in my bedroom. The room we had shared so many sleepovers and homework sessions, this room held so many secrets within it's walls.

I broke away, sniffing and wiping my sleeve under my nose.

"Ew, Blair." Cara laughed, handing me a tissue. I used it and then threw it at her while she imitated throwing up.

We laughed together, the best feeling was when someone makes you laugh whilst you're crying, the feeling only a best friend can give you.

"Wanna talk about it?" She asked, carefully.

I looked down, sighing. "Liam proposed."

Cara gasped and her eyes flew to my hand, her eyes widened even more when she saw the ring glinting on my finger.

"Oh my god, Blair." She gasped, "-what about Harry?"

I shook my head. "He's gone and I let him go." I said in a small voice.

"Why?" Cara asked, an incredulous expression on her face.

"Because, how am I supposed to explain to my parents that Liam is not my soulmate? That I was colourblind and now I'm not? My mother would have a heart attack." I sighed again. "Anyway, this is my punishment for pretending to be Liam's soulmate."

"Shut up, Blair!" Cara shouted, I was shocked- she never raised her voice. "you freaking deserve a soulmate, everyone deserves pure and true love and while I'm over here searching desperately for my soulmate, you've found yours! You don't understand how freaking lucky you are, you've found the person you're destined to be with and you let him go!"

I gasped, stunned and not able to say anything.

"Please, Blair. Let Harry love you, for me." she said weakly, a tear escaping her eye. "I've learnt that love is a paradox, you can't go searching for it, you just stumble upon it randomly. Like how you were just going to get a coffee, or how Liam just caught a glimpse of you in that random park. I wish I could have that is all I'm saying so cherish it, Blair."

I nodded, incapable of speech and when she left I painted, gushing out my feelings onto the canvas, all the heartache and everything Cara had said to me and poured it into a picture of two intertwined hands, I had captured Harry's squishy fingers perfectly in my own small ones.

Without thinking, I grabbed my jacket and ran to the place I knew he would be. I deserved love, I am a human being and I deserve the unconditional love we all dream about. Everyone needs love, whether it is self-love or love from an other soul.

My feet pounded against the pavement, that was slightly slippery as it was raining. The rain patterned down on me but I didn't care. The coffee shop came into view, and outside- sprawled along the steps, a blue-eyed boy sat, looking down.

"Harry!" I shouted, my voice a little excited shriek.

He looked up, and I swear for a second I couldn't breathe because he was smiling, so hard and I was laughing as I ran into his arms, he instinctively drew me into the shelter, hugging me just as hard as I was hugging him.

"I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry." I said, drawing back and putting my hands on either side of his face. "You are mine and I am yours Harry, and I want to be with you!""

Harry's eyes lit up at my words and he leant down, pressing our lips together.



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